Math - Mr Finney

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Math - Mr Finney by Mind Map: Math - Mr Finney

1. Chapter

1.1. We have done nine chapter throughout the year

1.2. My most difficult chapter was decimal notation

1.3. This is beacuse of the problem solving

2. Favourite Chapter

2.1. My favourite chapter was fraction notation

2.2. I enjopyed learning about the different fractions

2.3. I also liked learning the different methods with all the different problem in math

3. How I have improved

3.1. Being in a learning centre has helped beacuse there are less poeple in the class

3.2. We work slowly through problems that we do not understand

3.3. Mr Finney is very patient and helpful when we do not understand

4. Mr Finney has taught that you can do anything if you just try and believe in your self this has given me confidence in math

5. Exam

5.1. The exam will mainly be on chapter four, five and six

5.2. I am confident about the exam