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Human Metamorphosis Chamber by Mind Map: Human
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Human Metamorphosis Chamber

Binaural Beats & Solfeggio Frequency Cymatics

Immersive Dome Production Planning

Major Components

Dome Shelter, Screen Material, Ballast / Staking, Entranceways, Support / Fans, Transportation, Rental Box Truck From Ojai?, How is dome shipping to us?, Seating, Need to find wholesale sitting pads, Ambiance, Cleaning, Please add cleaning supplies to lowes / construction list, Safety, Exit Lighting, Megaphones, Fire Extinguishers, First Aid

Our Projection Options, Ed Lantz, Complete 3-Projector System using Sol7 Edge Blending on a PC, Pro's, Available? Pre-Setup, Con's, Must use Arkaos on PC only, Purchase 3-4 Wide Angle Projectors (HD, 3-5K), Pro's, Best Resolution and Lumens, 100% Fulldome Coverage, We own it, will pay for itself, Con's, Requires a Quality Edge Blending System, EPSON PowerLite Pro G5450WUNL Projector, $10K+ Cost, Possible Financing, Purchase an Edge Blending System, 3D Perception N-Box, $29,000, Pro's, Platform Independent, Hardware control and stability, Flexible routing and stitching, Con's, Larger investment, Scalable Display Solutions, ~$8,000, Pro's, Pixel perfect alignment, Camera feedback system, Con's, PC Based, Hardware Processing Boxes, FPS - IA200's - Cost Effective, $3K-$5K/unit, Projection Design (MIPS?) - Higher End, Digital Projection Fusion, PixelNET, RGB Spectrum, SOL7, Similar to Scalable, Con's, No camera feedback alignment, Dataton Watchout, Pro's, Show control system, programmable timeline, Rent A Complete Package from Obscura Digital, Pro's, Turnkey high quality package, Supports Pacific connection, Con's, No equity for us, Rent an HD 10K Projector, Pro's, Single HD Video out from any platform / source, Con's, Loose money into rental cost, 3 x Lower resolution,, $7,400, Using warped mirror I sold to Keegan, Rent / Buy A Fisheye Projector, Pro's, Simple setup, no warping or blending, Single HD feed from any source, Con's, Lower Resolution

Projection System Components, Single or Multip Projectors, Mirrors, Austrailian Supplier, E-Planetarium, Fisheye Lens, Producers, Elumenati, Navitar Projection Optics, Right Angle Adapter, Types, LCOS, DLP, LCD, LASER, DILA, Stitching and Alignment, Resolution and Lumens

Audio Video and Computing Equipment, Mainframe Computer, Graphics Package, RAID or SOLID STATE, Performance and Bandwidth, Software, Warping Software, WarpPlayer, Antares, Stitching Software, Scalable Display Systems, Interactive Realtime Control, Subtopic

Content, Pre-Rendered Shows, Clark Planetarium, SOU, ROD, AMNH, Sonic Vision, Scott Draves, Firebird, Custom Content Production, Photography, HDR, Fisheye, Panoramic, Time Lapse, Animated, Blender, After FX, 4K Capture, Red Cameras, Live VJ Content, Grand VJ, Modul8, Arkaos, Space Exploration, Uniview, Stellarium, Celestia

Power System, Generator, Backup Power, Power Distro, Cabling

Vibracoustic Floor, Buttkicker Concert series (~$200 each)

Interactive Interface, Software Programming Time / Expertise, Software, Touch OSC, Devices, IPad, IPod, Wii Remote, XBox 360

Software, Content Creation, Multimeios, Blender, After Effects, Show Control, Multimeios Domeview, New node

Production and Rental Partners

Event Production, Absolute Hollywood, Vortex Immersion, LM Productions, Immersive Display Solutions

Planetarium System Installation, Sky Skan, Evans & Sutherland, Spitz, GOTO, EPlanetarium

Domes, Pacific Domes, Vortex Immersion, Dome Guys, Inflate UK

A/V Gear, Obscura Digital, Rentex,

Show Development Partners, XRez Studios, Elumenati, Lochness, LivinGlobe, The Darkroom, DeepVisual

Types Of Domes

Structure, Geodesic Frames, Pacific Domes, Fiberglass, Inflatable Pressurized, OpenDome, Negative Air Pressure, Positive Air Pressure, Inflatable Rigid, Rigid Air Frame

Screens, PVC, Canvas, Layered Fabric, Spandex, Micropourus Metal, Fiberglass

Planning And Preparation

Event Production Plan, Equipment Checklist, Projectors, Audio Gear, Generator, Fans, Cables, Audio, Video, Power, Computer, Seating, Safety, Dome, Lighting, Trash / Cleaning, Towels, Sanitization, Event Partners, Directions, Contacts, Production Schedule, Crew Roles and Responsibilities

Failsafe Redundancy, Power System, Air Pressure, Projection Gear, Computer System, Content Drives

Fire And Safety Plan

Fire Retardancy

Inclement Weather


Power Outage


Crowd Control



Business Development

Chief Steward, Studying neuroscience, architecture of genious, hypnotherapy, psychology and neuroscience, mystic


compassion rising

play it forward


Tech Director, graphic design degree, professor, lover of music, jazz musician, electronic DJ, 6 years radio, art school, festivals, spiritual, dance culture, enthios gathering

Ed Lantz

Vortex Immersion


Fulldome Production Planning

Technical Logistics, A/V Integration, Video Projection, Audio Engineering


Technical, chemistry, physics, biology, mathematics, construction based metallurgy, ships bridges, buildings, engineering, architecture, product design, electronics.

Andrew Jones

Subliminal Phoenix

Elijah Parker, First Email


Specialties, Brainwave Alchemy, Rejuvenation Lounge, Brainwave Entrainment and Biofeedback, Visual Media, editing, multimedia degree, art, science spirituality, shamanic, incorporating tech to bring new media into intermedia experience, light and sound machines, nerve feedback, EEGs, immersive environment where people can have a transcendent experience, buddhist monasteries, Theta Harmony, Thematic visualizations of alchemical transformation


Photonic Bliss

Robin Arnault

Project Synapse



Elevate Films

Dr Dream

Nasseim Haramein


Adrian Zelski

New Earth Music Hall

Zach Carson

Sustainable Living Roadshow

Bobby Isreal

Tour Bus

Red Lightning



Extended Crews

Christopher Wunderlich

Programming, Installations and Exhibits


Nasseim Haramein

Telekinetic Lights

Conscious Films

Immersive Audio Visual Narrative Storytelling

Team, Adil Kassam, Keith Wyatt, Chris Jackson, Sanji, Byron, Elevate Films, Lucid Productions

Sacred Music

Live East Indian, Kirtan Style

Team, Priya Mohan, Avari

Solfeggio Frequencies

Transformative Musical Scale

Team, Dan Compton

Hemispheric Syncronization

Binaural Beats / Brainwave Alchemy

Team, Elijah, Robin Arnott, Jonathan Goldman (possible), Project Synapse, Monroe Institute


Guided Meditation

Team, Dr. Dream

Trance Dance

Sound Embodiment / Expression through sacred dance

Team, AnnaLena

Crystal Singing Bowls

Master set tuned to all the chakras

Team, William and Paul, Crystal Tones

Pranayama Breathing

Galactivation Sequence

1. People would lie down on memory foam watching initiatory movies and clips that would be designed to touch the vagus nerve. The films would be viewed in the ceiling and have hemispheric synchronization / binaural beats under the audio score being played to create desired collective brain wave entrainment

2. The journey would progress from an audio visual immersive experience to an inward journey where participants would be encouraged to close their eyes.

3. Movie would turn into sacred geometrical visuals that would play upon their eyelids as they experience the frequency via the audio system and vibra-acoustics

4. Live music via Alchemy crystal singing bowls and didjeridoos would be mic'd and pushed through the audio system and vibra-acoustics along with God code, Solfeggio tones and other harmonic resonance technologies. The intent of this concert of vibration would be to catalyze a collective and repeatable direct experience with source

5. After the climax participants would be allowed to remain for a period in silent meditation

6. Participants would be blindfolded and then note by note a galactivated dj set would begin and participants would be encouraged to trance dance without any visual stimuli n then later take off the blindfold and celebrate

Interactivity - There would be 3 platforms around the dance floor that would be rigged with Microsoft Kinetic sensors (Project Synapse below) that would allow people's movements to create music and visuals with the dj. This same space could be converted into comfie amphitheatre with an interactive circular panel discussion called "lights of the round table" - we now have Drunvalo Melchizedek and Nasseim Haramein on board and are going after Gregg Braden and Carl Calleman.


To Discuss

Ian's Agenda

Logistics Planning, Upcoming Events, Crew CAlls / Travel Planning, Per Event Crew Roster, Roles, Responsibilities, Door Crew / Welcome Liasion / Host, A/V Technical Supervisor, A/V Technical Assistant, DJ / MC, Show Scheduling and Shift Signup / Assignment, Setup and Strike Timeline, Checklist and Crew Assignment, Geodesic Dome Buildout, Production Cases Construction, Electrical Grid Connections, Entranceway Buildout, Site Layout / Ground Marking, Cleaning schedule and checklist, Communications Plan

Content Development, Visionary Artwork, Modul8 Mapping to Fulldome, Live Input Cameras, Live Uniview Control, Brainwave Mapping, Quicktime Show Playback

Major Technical Challenges, 360 Degree Seamless Stitching, Aspect / Perspective Warping, Failsafe / Redundant Playback and Control Hardware, PC & Mac Intercommunication and File Sharing, Dust Protection, Ventilation and Cooling, Cable Runs and Interconnection Diagramming

MISC / Other Considerations, Signage / Show Schedule Posting

Adil's Agenda

Team Bio's

Build a Presentation Keynote

Letters of Intent

Detail the IDEAL production plan

Detail the BASE production plan

Document, Types of events we will do, Revenue predictions for each type, Growth Model / Franchising Potential, Break Even / Profit Potential, Best Practices / Models we want to base from (IMAX, GMBH, etc)

Gestural / Multitouch

Become a hotbed of experimental technologies

Create a show with less WooWoo, more universal appeal

More To-Do

Plan trip to SF, Within a week, Meet Obscura Digital, Meet with (vibracoustic flooring)

Ensure mirror is coming

Decide interactions with Vision Lab

Printed Schedules for hand-out

Sound System Design, Sub-Woofers, Mackies, Compression, Mic's, Cables, Humandala, Show "Cue Sheets", Sitting Coushions, Wireless Headset Rentals