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Human Metamorphosis Chamber by Mind Map: Human Metamorphosis Chamber
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Human Metamorphosis Chamber

Binaural Beats & Solfeggio Frequency Cymatics

Immersive Dome Production Planning

Major Components

Production and Rental Partners

Types Of Domes

Planning And Preparation

Fire And Safety Plan




Ed Lantz



Andrew Jones

Subliminal Phoenix


Robin Arnault


Elevate Films

Dr Dream

Nasseim Haramein

Adrian Zelski

Zach Carson

Bobby Isreal

Red Lightning

Extended Crews

Programming, Installations and Exhibits


Telekinetic Lights

Conscious Films

Sacred Music

Solfeggio Frequencies

Hemispheric Syncronization


Trance Dance

Crystal Singing Bowls

Pranayama Breathing

Galactivation Sequence

1. People would lie down on memory foam watching initiatory movies and clips that would be designed to touch the vagus nerve. The films would be viewed in the ceiling and have hemispheric synchronization / binaural beats under the audio score being played to create desired collective brain wave entrainment

2. The journey would progress from an audio visual immersive experience to an inward journey where participants would be encouraged to close their eyes.

3. Movie would turn into sacred geometrical visuals that would play upon their eyelids as they experience the frequency via the audio system and vibra-acoustics

4. Live music via Alchemy crystal singing bowls and didjeridoos would be mic'd and pushed through the audio system and vibra-acoustics along with God code, Solfeggio tones and other harmonic resonance technologies. The intent of this concert of vibration would be to catalyze a collective and repeatable direct experience with source

5. After the climax participants would be allowed to remain for a period in silent meditation

6. Participants would be blindfolded and then note by note a galactivated dj set would begin and participants would be encouraged to trance dance without any visual stimuli n then later take off the blindfold and celebrate

Interactivity - There would be 3 platforms around the dance floor that would be rigged with Microsoft Kinetic sensors (Project Synapse below) that would allow people's movements to create music and visuals with the dj. This same space could be converted into comfie amphitheatre with an interactive circular panel discussion called "lights of the round table" - we now have Drunvalo Melchizedek and Nasseim Haramein on board and are going after Gregg Braden and Carl Calleman.


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