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Characters by Mind Map: Characters

1. Who

1.1. Who would Tawhiri go after since the children did not listen to him

1.2. 16.Who would be a good substitute to Tane to separate his parents, explain why.

2. What

2.1. 18. What if their parents got back together? How would the story change?

2.2. 14.What would have happened if Rangi and Earth-Mother didn’t like each other?

2.3. 12.What do you think were some of Tāne (God of Forests)’s powers?

2.4. 7. What do you think would have happened if they listened to Tūmātauenga and killed their parents

2.5. 5.What do you think happened to Tawhiri after he caused the destruction?

2.6. 6. What do you think would have happened if they listened to Tawhiri and left their parents alone

3. Where

3.1. When did they decide to separate their parents?

3.2. 10.Where do you think the children got their names from

3.3. Where did Whiro get his powers of darkness from?

4. When

4.1. When in the timeline where Rangi and Earth-Mother created?

4.2. 4.Would it be important if the parents did not bleed when they were getting separated?

5. How

5.1. 11. How would the story change if Tawhiri was the god of war instead of the god of the winds? If yes, how so? If no , how So?

5.2. 9. How would the story continue if Tawhiri still had his eyes

5.3. 15. How do you think man was created in this myth?

6. Why

6.1. 8.Why did most of the children listened to Tāne and not the rest of the people

6.2. Why did their parents not get back together when they were separated

6.3. 20.Why do you think Tawhiri wanted their parents to be left alone?

6.4. 19. Why do you think Tūmātauenga wanted to kill their parents?