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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. Foster dad: He has his own painting company. So I can get work experience from him or he can find other people that might need help.

2. My Mom: She works at Walmart. She can hook me up with a job or tell me what its like to work there.

3. Dad: Works on the oil rigs. If I was ever interested in that he can tell me how it is and what I would be doing.

4. Sister: She is taking a course that helps you build job skills. You go to job fairs and hand out resumes. She could give me advice.

5. My Old Boss: He is a carpenter but he also does other jobs like roofing. He knows a lot of people that need help so he can direct me to the right people. Even if I wanted to I could go back working for him.

6. My friend Chris: Works at A&W. Working at a fast food place would be my last option of a job but my friend can tell me what its like or if they are hiring.

7. My Moms Boyfriend: He works on the rigs. He goes for a week and works there. He has told me before that working on the rigs is hard work. So i know if i have questions he can answer them.

8. Counselor: My counselor can give some advice on finding or where to find one.

9. Sisters Boyfriend: He also works on the rigs so there is another person i can ask about it.

10. My brother: He works at London drugs. He can talk to the manager and maybe get me a job there or at a different store.

11. Mr. Blohm: He used to be my workshop teacher. Blohm also has his own business where he helps others build their own company's. If I ever wanted to have my own company he will help me.

12. Rob: Rob is my dads friend. He always has some work I can do for him. Plus if I wanted to ever do something fun we would do it. So he is a good contact to have.

13. Uncle steve: Steve has his own painting company too. If i ever needed work or advice he would help out.

14. Brothers girlfriend: she has worked at husky for a long time. Now she is assistant manger. I can probably ask her how i can get a job there and she could put in a good word for me.

15. Friend Kristen: My friend use to work as a care taker for the disabled people. I can find what the jobs like and what i have to do to get that job.