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ICT Action Plan 2009 by Mind Map: ICT Action Plan 2009
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ICT Action Plan 2009


How to track?  Can we say that the number of times a lesson is interrrupted with at 25% time loss? 1) Due to computers 2) Due to logins 3) Due to wireless networkOverall in-charge?




Sustain & Scale Up

BY(i)TES overall score to be greater or equal to 3.01 In-charge:  ?

existing practice

Level Up

1.  Innovation to be evaluated at national or international competition 2.  Paper to be accepted by international conference In-charge: ?


Experimental Class



Mrs Liang & Lisa 1) How to cascade it to all MMs? 2) How to influence the middle and bottom two-thirds?


Was it done?

What are the gaps?

Where are the gaps?