C.A.S with Mr.Alexander

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C.A.S with Mr.Alexander by Mind Map: C.A.S with Mr.Alexander

1. Help

1.1. We helped elementary and and secondary teachers

1.2. We helped add or remove posters

1.3. We helped with the decoration when needed

1.4. Helped others with homework

2. Understand people

2.1. A couple of the movies helped us understand how people feel

2.2. Movie also made us understand how a sick person feels how he likes to be treated

2.3. Making fun of others will get you in trouble without a gain.

3. Other

3.1. We watched movies based on true stories

3.2. Enjoyed our time and had fun

3.3. Did our homework if needed

4. Life

4.1. We talked about things that could help us in the future

4.2. The movies helped us understand what is waiting for us in the future

4.3. Showed us that helping is not a bad thing