Accounting & Finance

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Accounting & Finance by Mind Map: Accounting & Finance

1. Main Areas

1.1. FA - Financial Accounting

1.1.1. Book Keeping is a method/tool use in FA

1.1.2. Analysis, Interpretation and Decision Making

1.1.3. What? identifying Recording Communicating

1.1.4. Activities identiying Recording Classifying Summarizing Reporting Analysing Evaluvating Decision Making For Stakeholders

1.1.5. Process Source Documents what? Day Books/Journals Summarize accounts records Ledger (Accounts) Trial Balance Balances of all accounts Financial Statements Point at which book keeping is over Analysis, Interpretation and Decision Making

1.2. MA - Management Accounting

1.2.1. Cost Accounting

1.2.2. Management Accounting Techniques

1.2.3. What? Making Business Decisions Operational Strategic Level

1.2.4. Concerned with Calculation of Cost of an activity Product or Process

1.2.5. generally provision of Useful information

1.3. FM - Financial Management

1.3.1. Working Capital Management Period? Current Financial Year

1.3.2. Strategic Financial Management = Capital Structuring Period?

1.3.3. What? Sourcing Deployment of organizational Funds

2. Definition

2.1. Process of

2.1.1. Identifying

2.1.2. Measuring

2.1.3. Communicating

3. Financial Information

4. Economic Information

4.1. to permit

4.1.1. Informed Judgements

4.1.2. decisions

5. for users of Information