Discrimination By: Cindy&Kayla

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Discrimination By: Cindy&Kayla by Mind Map: Discrimination By: Cindy&Kayla

1. Asexual

1.1. Lacking interest in or desire for sex

1.2. Physical health: - Immune's system strengths' will decrease (Asexual Visibility and Education Network) -Won't be eating properly because of the stresses. Verbal and physical abuse from other communities.

1.3. Mental health: - With the world criticizing, stress can increase (Asexual Visibility and Education Network) - They are pressured by the world and are expected to be in a 'normal relationship (Asexuality | Vaden Health Center) - They have a higher rate of stress (Psychology Today)

1.4. Emotional health: - Most of them feel like they need to fake a sexual relationship in order to fit in (Asexuality | Vaden Health Center) - They feel anxiety because of the pressure around them. - They receive lots of criticism.

1.5. Social health: - They would only connect with people who are like them. -Communication with families and freidns can be complicated. - Having relationships and marriages can be a challenge.

1.6. Spiritual health: - Question their health and body. -Don't know what their values are. - Look up to God.

1.7. They are criticized by their surroundings aobut being in a sexual attracted relationships like normal people do. With that pressure, they would fake a relationship in order to fit in. These involves 2 components of health, mental and emotional.

2. Heterosexual

2.1. Having a sexual attraction to the opposite sex

2.2. Physical health: - Will not get enough sleep. - Doesn't want to do stuff. - Losing energy from stresses.

2.3. Social health: - Will not get along with other communites. -Communication is complicated. -Criticism

2.4. Emotional health: - Fear of relationship. - Be in a state of distress. - Cannot accept the negative feelings and thoughts.

2.5. Mental health: - Feel disappointed. - Might choose to stay away from their families and friends. - Suicidal thoughts

2.6. Spiritual health: - Losing hope after an unfortunate event. -Look up the God more often. - Losing believe or purpose of own life.

2.7. Being discriminated, heterosexuals could be in a state of distress and mix emotions. Through that, they're body energy is drained from all the emotions they're feeling. This connects the components of health, physical and emotional.

3. Victimisation

3.1. - Treated badly after you've made a complaint relating to sexual orientation

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5. Bisexual

5.1. Having a sexual attraction to persons of either sex

5.2. Physical health: - Suffers from physical threats (Taylor & Francis) - They are 3% more likeley to be heavy smokers than heterosexual men (Inverse) - Depression can affect the functioing of the immune system (American Journal of Public Health)

5.3. Mental health: - They are rejected by other communities and are often invisible. This isolation could factors could lead to suicidal thoughts (The Independent) - 40% of bisexual men have reported to have moderate or severe psychological distress (Inverse) - Being rejected by their own families are 6 times likely to be depressed (Psychology Today)

5.4. Social health: - They can't connect with other communities because they're rejcted. -They would isolate themsleves because the whole world is against them. - Having their own family could be a challenge.

5.5. Spiritual health: - They'd feel that they don't have a purpose in life. - God made man and woman, and they're different and that'll make them think differently about themselves. - They can't balance the elements in their lives.

5.6. Emotional health: - They are depressed most of the time which would eventually lead to health problems. - They isolate from the world and that would lead to suicidal thoughts. - With the surrounding's pressure, they can be in tress and pain, they are also confused about their own sexuality (Emotional Development, Sexual, and Bisexuals - JRank Articles)

5.7. Depression leads to poor functioning of the immune system. This is a connection between different components of health because it involves mental and physical health. Depression relates to mental health and poor functioning of the immune system is relating to physical health.

6. Homosexual

6.1. Having a sexual attraction to the same sex

6.2. Physical health: - They recieve physical abuse or even getting up killed (American Civil Liberties Union) - Verbal abuse from partners. - More likely to abuse alcohol (Is Homosexuality Healthy?)

6.3. Mental health: - They have to hide who they are - They don't know if they should come out as who they are to the world (American Civil Liberties Union) - 2 to 3 times more likely to commit suicides

6.4. Social health: - They lose promotion in their workplace (Center for American Progress) - Excluded in most public places - They've been called names (American Civil Liberties Union)

6.5. Spiritual health: - They wonder why God made them that way (Teen Ink) - They don't know what to do with their life. - They lose their values.

6.6. Emotional health: - They are always scared of the people around them - They isolate just because of how people think of them - They'd feel shame (American Civil Liberties Union)

6.7. Some received physical abuse and some ended up getting killed because of being a homosexual. Others would hear stories and become scared of going oput to the world and reveal their real sexuality. This involves 2 components of health, physical and emoitonal.

7. Indirect

7.1. - Policies or rules that affect a group of people more than others

8. Harrasment

8.1. - Your manager would use abusive words and tells you to "man up" just because you're gay

9. Ways to reduce discrimination:

9.1. Schools: Teens who have a non-heterosexual orientation wants to feel included in an environment where they are used to, school. Schools could help reduce discrimination by promoting respect for all students. They could have conselors' offices that are easy for teens to have access to. With a counselor, teens can express freely to him/her about what they're going through.

9.2. Parents: Parents are people who plays a big role in a person's life. If their child is acting in an abnormal way, experiencing violence or being depressed they should take immediate action. Parents should be educated about sexual orientation in order to talk openly with their child. This would help the child's well being and mental health, they could share ther feelings and concerns to the people who loves them and cares for them without hesitation.

9.3. Social support: This would help the person to have a higher self-esteem and would be mentally healthy. When they have a community of friends and family, they wouldn't feel left out.

10. Direct

10.1. - Treating them badly just because they're gay