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SEXUAL ORIENTATION DISCRIMINATION (By Hyejun and Ami aka Hyejami) by Mind Map: SEXUAL ORIENTATION DISCRIMINATION (By Hyejun and Ami aka Hyejami)

1. Sexual orientation

1.1. Heterosexual

1.1.1. attracted to different sex of person

1.2. Homosexual

1.2.1. attracted to same sex of person

1.3. Bisexual

1.3.1. attracted to both gender

1.4. Asexual

1.4.1. no sexual attraction to anyone

2. Types of sexual orientation discrimination

2.1. direct

2.1.1. when someone treats you worse than others because of your sexuality. For example) Hotel owner refuses to provide a double bedroom to gay couples.

2.2. indirect

2.2.1. When an organization has a particular policy or way of working that applies to everyone but disadvantages people of a particular sexual orientation For example) An employer introduces a policy that states only workers who are biological parents may join new child-care training course.

2.3. harassment

2.3.1. When someone makes you feel humiliated, offended or degraded. For example) Other workers make fun of a gay worker's name although he wants to be called with his proper name.

2.4. victimization

2.4.1. When you are treated badly because you have made a complaint of sexual orientation related to discrimination under the Equality Act. For example) A bisexual worker complains to his manager about discrimination and the employer sacks him.

3. Effects to the health

3.1. Physical Health

3.1.1. Attempt suicide

3.1.2. Use of drug or alcohol, addiction

3.1.3. Homophobic bully occurs

3.2. Emotional Health

3.2.1. Feel worthless that cause mental illness

3.2.2. Feel ashamed at yourself

3.2.3. Fear of name calling

3.3. Spiritual Health

3.3.1. Think why you born as different gender as you wanted

3.3.2. Hating yourself / your gender

3.3.3. Think yourself as not normal

3.4. Mental Health

3.4.1. Become anxious of future discrimination

3.4.2. Low-esteem(fear of name calling)

3.4.3. High risk of causing Anxiety

3.5. Social Health

3.5.1. Scared of people's eyes

3.5.2. Fear of rumors

3.5.3. Care too much how others think about you

4. Connection of each Health

4.1. Spiritual Health and Physical/mental Health

4.1.1. Hating yourself leads to anxiety and use of drugs or attempt suicide

4.2. Social Health and Mental Health

4.2.1. Caring too much about people around, or lack of communication can lead to mental ill or depression

4.3. Emotional Health and Spiritual

4.3.1. Leads to depression, anxiety and spiritual illness

5. Solution

5.1. Training

5.1.1. Train interviewers and managers about discrimination against non-heterosexual people. They will respect workers more and stop making fun of their sexuality.

5.2. Policies

5.2.1. Develop work policies, and deal with any complaint about discrimination against non-heterosexual workers. Prevent discrimination and require the same documents from other workers.

5.3. Interview

5.3.1. When a company hire people, focus on their skills and abilities instead of their personal life Workers feel protected from their personal life including their sexuality.

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7. Discrimination

7.1. 390 of homosexual people living undertake fear of getting homophobic violence in 2008

7.1.1. 85% of them had experienced violence or harassment before

7.1.2. 3134 young LGBT adults: 61% of them suffered in verbal abuse, 18% suffered in physical assault and 69% suffered in exclusion rumors and graffiti

7.2. Discrimination in life situation

7.2.1. Lack of social programs targeted to appropriate for LGBT youth, adults, and elders

7.2.2. Lack of laws protecting against bullying in school

7.2.3. Legal discrimination in access to health insurance, employment, housing, marriage, adoption, and retirement benefits

7.3. Negative Impact

7.3.1. 43.7% reported they have negatively impacted their physical well-being

7.3.2. 47.7% had negatively impacted their spiritual well-being

7.3.3. 38.5% had negatively impacted their school environment

7.3.4. 52.8% reported they have negatively impacted their work environment

7.3.5. 56.6% negatively impacted their neighborhood and community environment

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8. Reason of Discrimination

8.1. Person's own thought that liking same sex of people are wrong

8.2. Homosexual couple cannot reproduce for next generation, also they cannot be biological parents

8.3. Religion thoughts

8.4. Aversion against liking same gender

8.5. Different from majority idea = wrong