I Am The Cheese: The Journey of Adam Farmer

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I Am The Cheese: The Journey of Adam Farmer by Mind Map: I Am The Cheese: The Journey of Adam Farmer

1. The Flashbacks

1.1. The Clues

1.1.1. On his way to the library, Adam and his dad go into the woods and encounter a dog. Adam suspected that they had been fleeing from something or someone.

1.1.2. Adam and his family experienced a midnight move from Rawlings(?) To Monument A few years after the encounter with the dog, Adam talks to a visiting reporter who lived in Rawlings. The reporter said that he didn't remember any Farmers living there. Adam's suspicions are aroused. He looks in the bottom drawer of the desk in the den. He found two birth certificates for him with different birth dates printed on them, causing him to become even more suspicious.

1.1.3. Adam's father periodically meets with a man in the basement. The man wore gray clothes, so the Farmers called him Mr. Grey.

2. The Interviews

2.1. The person interviewing Adam, Brint, introduces himself and says that he is interviewing Adam so that Adam can learn more about his past.

2.1.1. "Go back if you wish--back to your earliest remembrance"(Cormier 10) Adam starts telling Brint about "the clues". "Why should I play games?I'm on the edge of panic half the time" (Cormier 67). This is what Brint responded with: "Everything has to do with you as a person. We have to be specific. Haven't you dealt in generalities, vagueness, long enough? Lack of specifics--isn't that what gives you nightmares at two o' clock in the morning?" (Cormier 137). After a while, Adam discovers the significance of these clues and learns who he was and why he is now Adam Farmer.

2.2. When Adam and Brint get to the conversation which described how their parents died, Brint asked who the man with gray pants was. However, Adam did not respond at all. Brint might have been asking who that man was because he might have been seeking information about Mr. Grey and whether or not he was involved in the killing of Adam's parents. Brint suggests that personnel #2222 (A.K.A Grey) should be granted full reinstatement due to there only being some evidence of Mr. Grey betraying the location of the Farmers.

2.3. The Medicine

2.3.1. Pill Form Purpose: To postpone the effects of a disorder Location of Use: In Belton Falls, Adam mentions that he wish he had brought his pills with him to Rutterburg before blacking out.

2.3.2. Needle Form Purpose: To get someone to tell the truth Location of Use: During the Intreviews

3. By Parth Bhasker

4. The Voyage

4.1. Journey's Route, told from Adam's POV

4.1.1. Monument Aswell Fairfield Old man talks to Adam about his route and how he should be careful . Departure from Monument

4.2. Dad in hospital in Rutterburg

4.2.1. "I knew I would go the way you know a stone will drop to the ground if you release it from your hand" (Cormier 5).

4.2.2. Adam takes a gift for his father.

4.3. Fears

4.3.1. Dogs

4.3.2. Tight Spaces

4.3.3. Open Spaces