P.E./Health - Park

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P.E./Health - Park by Mind Map: P.E./Health - Park

1. Volleyball

2. Swimming

2.1. Backstroke

2.2. Breaststroke

2.3. Diving

2.4. Stroke Analysis Project

3. Health

3.1. Body types

3.1.1. Mesomorph

3.1.2. Endomorph

3.1.3. Ectomorph

3.2. Dealing with stress

4. Softball

4.1. Batter is allowed three strikes

4.2. Forced play is when the player must run because the Pitcher has thrown four foul balls

5. Floor Hockey

5.1. When a team gets a penalty and has to play against a full team, that team is "short-handed"

5.2. A "power play" is when a full team plays against a team with a player missing

5.3. The game starts off with a "face-off"

5.4. Made up of three periods, each is 20 minutes long

5.5. 5 players on each team, plus one goalie

6. Track and Field

6.1. Fitness Booklet

6.2. Cooper Test

6.3. Wall-Sit Test

6.4. Sit and Reach Test