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Referencing by Mind Map: Referencing

1. APA Referencing

1.1. Brief/in-text reference:

1.1.1. Format: Information prominent citation Example: (author, year, page no.) If you’ve paraphrased, then don’t include quotation marks in your sentence, and the page no. isn’t essential.

1.1.2. Format: Author prominent citation The author becomes a part of the sentence. Example: Author (year, page no.)

2. Uses of Referencing

2.1. Helps to avoid plagiarism.

2.2. Strengthens what you have written by providing expert opinions.

2.3. Allows readers to go back to the original source to clarify particular points.

2.4. Acknowledges work others have done.

3. What is referencing?

3.1. The art of letting readers know where you found your information.

4. When to Use a Reference

4.1. When quoting someone.

4.2. When using tables or diagrams from another work.

4.3. When using a picture from the internet.

4.4. When paraphrasing or summarizing.

5. How to Reference

5.1. Author. (Year). Title (Edition). Place: Publisher.

6. Tips to Avoid Accidental Plagiarism.

6.1. Acknowledge the original works of others.

6.2. Always use quotation marks.

6.3. Paraphrase correctly. Use your own words or summarize the text.

6.4. Take notes carefully.

6.5. Always use references

6.6. Acknowledge common scientific knowledge.