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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence

1. is

1.1. the ability prior knowledge to new situations successfully

1.2. based on how well you learn, how you are raised, your surroundings and what you know

2. components are

2.1. learning abilities

2.1.1. can be multiple such as hereditary as evidenced by fluid as stated by

2.2. culture

2.2.1. is based on ethnicity can affect gender whose differences are socioeconomics affects

2.3. environment

2.3.1. as evidenced by Sternberg's Theory which proposes twin studies homelife which includes early nutrition which includes

2.4. experience

2.4.1. is used to build prior knowledge to scaffold when learning new concepts to complete everyday tasks

3. is questionable

3.1. when there are anomalies present

3.1.1. such as students from low socioeconomic backgrounds excel regardless of the opportunities presented to them students from enriching environments who still perform poorly in school students from various ethnic backgrounds who mark their education with high achievement

3.2. depending on the form of measurement used

3.3. depending perception of cognitive development

4. can

4.1. be acquired, by children, in many ways

4.1.1. such as using oral language skills for example fostering curiosity and inquisitiveness which can be the ability to learn which can be fostered by fostering appropriate social skills by using