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Personal Network by Mind Map: Personal Network

1. My dad can help me in all different ways. When I need something an then I ask him he just help me.

2. your close friends are the ones that you love and you can have a good relationship with them. Also you can help them without wait for a reward. My friend works as a mechanic and he can help me in how to learn this profession that is one way he can help me

3. The second group of people are the friends of your friends. Maybe you don't know them very well but you can have some connection with them due your relationship with your closest friends. It can be useful to get a job. If you talk what are your needs with your closest friends certainly if you have good friends they will do whatever to help you. And if you need a job they can say to another person that they know that are needing people work for them. So if it works you can work for them.

4. And there is a third group of people that can help you and you can help them. It can be your teacher. Someone that you see that has a job that could fit well for you as well. And if you know the truth you could tell them what the Good News from God are.

5. Dad. Can help me giving me the things that are necessary for day to day in life. He also can help me teaching what he has learned from job.

6. Mom. She can make food for me and teach the things she knows as cooking and how to be organised.

7. Also Jehovah God can be your friend. He is the best close contact that all people should have. He can help and comfort you in any trial that your are facing. God's word says: while you throw all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. (1 PET. 5:7.) 1 Peter 5. The prophet Isaiah wrote: This is what the true God, Jehovah, says, The creator of the heavens and the Grand One who stretched them out. ( Isaiah 42: 5)

8. - My closest friends work at a supermarket so actually they indicated me to a job. And I just couldn't work there because my student visa didn't allow me at that time.