The Inbounder 2018 - Aleyda Solis

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The Inbounder 2018 - Aleyda Solis by Mind Map: The Inbounder 2018 - Aleyda Solis

1. 67% of SEO find challenges during the execution

1.1. No tech//content resources

1.2. No platform flexibility

1.3. Lack of management support

2. Contact

2.1. Twitter

2.2. Linkedin

2.3. Website

3. Discussion

4. Start by establishing an SEO qualification process to only work on projects where there's a real fit, the critical conditions are met and agreed from the beginning.

5. To avoid this

5.1. Find if they are really looking for the type of service you are offering

5.2. It is important to identify missmatches from the start.

5.3. Set expectations with your client/boss

5.3.1. Is there enough flexibility to implement changes ?

6. To avoid this 2

6.1. When we do the SEO recommendations