Physiology of systems

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Physiology of systems by Mind Map: Physiology of systems

1. Nervous system

1.1. Structures of the Nervous system

1.1.1. Neurons

1.1.2. Glial Cells

1.1.3. Neurotransmitters

1.1.4. Perfusion of the brain

1.2. Central Nervous system (CNS)

1.3. Peripheral Nervous system (PNS)

2. Digestive system

3. Endocrine System

3.1. Hypothalamus

3.1.1. TRH (Thyrotropin Releaseing Hormone)

3.1.2. GHIH (Growth Hormone Inhibiting Hormone)

3.1.3. PIH (Dopamine),(Prolactin Inhibiting Hormone)

3.1.4. CRH (Corticotropin Releasing Hormone)

3.1.5. GHRH (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone)

3.1.6. GnRH (GonadoTropin Releasing Hormone)

3.1.7. PRH (Prolactin Releasing Hormone)

3.2. Pituitary Gland (Hypophysis)

3.2.1. Anterior Pituitary (AdenoHypophysis) TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone);Thyrotropin PRL (Prolactin) FSH (Follicle Simulating Hormone) LH (Luteinizing hormone) ACTH ( AdrenoCorticotropic Hormone); Corticotropin GH (Growth Hormone) Liver and other tissues Anti insulin actions Increases Calcium Absorption in the Gut GH Abnormalities

3.2.2. Posterior Pituitary (Neurohypophysis) Oxytocin ADH (Anti Diuretic Hormone )

3.3. Pineal Gland

3.3.1. Melatonin Very important for regulating circadian rhythm.

3.4. Thyroid Gland

3.4.1. Follicles T3,T4 (thyroxine) Increase Metabolic rate;Increased O2 consumption and Calorigenic effect (Heat Production) In children it stimulates growth Secondary Effects to calorigenises Increase in appitite Stimulate CNS Contribute to proper growth of the CNS in children Thyroid diseases

3.4.2. Parafolicular cells (C cells) Calcitonin

3.5. Adrenal Glands

3.5.1. Adrenal Cortex Zona glomerulosa mineralocorticoids Zona fasciculata glucocorticoids Zona reticularis gonadocorticoids Diseases Concerning The Adrenal Cortex Conn's syndrome (Primary Hyperaldosternism) Excessive Cortisol secretion (Cushing’s syndrome) Adrenal Androgen Hypersecretion Primary adrenocortical insufficiency (Addison's disease )

3.5.2. Adrenal Medulla

3.6. Pancreas

3.6.1. Acinar Cells

3.6.2. Islets of Langerhans Alpha Glucagon Beta Insulin