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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. 3. when is the expected date of delivery? is this her first baby (GTPAL)?

2. 1. assess family history, medical history, medication history, allergies, procedural history, previous pregnancies/ birth history

3. 2. Mary'general health?,how is she coping with cramping?, does she need pain medications?

4. 4.preform Leopolds Maneuvers ;assess position, lie, presentation of fetus

4.1. 28 weeks= 3rd trimester (past the stage of viability

5. 5.ongoing assessments= frequency, strength, duration of cramping/ potential contractions

6. 6.assess FETAL wellbeing; ausculatation fetal heart rate, continuous electronic monitoring, potential ultrasound, assessment of fetal moment

7. 7. assess MATERNAL wellbeing; vital signs/ABC, head to toe assessment, pain assessment, nausea ?, short of breath?, weight gain?, urine, symphysis fundal height in relation to being 28 weeks pregnant, intake of prenatal supplements/vitamins, diet, adaptation/coping with pregnancy?, screen for gestational diabetes and GBS (if not already done)

8. 8. assess appropriateness of staff members and qualifications present in the event of an immediate delivery for a 28 week neonate

9. 9. ensure appropriate team members have been contacted (physician, transport team)

10. 10. assess for signs & symptoms of PRETERM LABOUR; menstrual cramps, painful or painless contractions, backache, diarrhea, urinary frequency, increased vaginal discharge

11. 11. rule out other possible causes of symptoms Mary reports such as "cramping" (UTI, flu, common discomforts of pregnancy)

12. 12. assess uterine activity, cervical effacement, dilation (sterile techniuqe only as PROM is suspected( -->later confirmed)

13. 13. DO NOT assess for Fetal Fibronectin as amniotic membranes are suspected to be broken (-->later confirmed to be broken )

14. 14.assess for signs of Infection; vaginal bleeding, fluid loss (may give insight of the risk for pre-labour rupture of membranes)

15. 15.complete Nitrazine and Ferning tests to assess for PROM (in relation to description of wet underwear over 2 days

16. 16. assess fetal heart rate once PROM is suspected and determine the time of rupture, colour of fluid, and amount of fluid drained

17. 17. continuous assessment of Mary's support system, coping, stresses, emotions about pregnancy, comfort level

18. 18. Discuss with Mary if she has a birth plan in mind

19. 19. ongoing assessments of Mary's understanding of what is happening and why

20. 20. assessment of IV site and Mary's understanding of the importance/need of medication admin such as; courticosteroids, tocolytics, and antibiotics upon decision to arrange transport to tertiary hospital

21. 21. ongoing assessments of fetatl and maternal well-being after administration of medications and their side effects and required monitoring

22. 7. assess MATERNAL wellbeing; vital signs,