The Culture Code

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The Culture Code by Mind Map: The Culture Code

1. Introduction


1.1.1. "Without the latter, the former is impossible"

1.1.2. The stronger the emotion, the more clearly an experience is learned

1.1.3. IMPRINT = experience + accompanying emotion Shapes our thought processes and future actions Combination of imprints define us

1.1.4. Example Le Soleil (Louis XIV = the Sun) vs. La Lune Die Sonne vs Der Mund

2. Chapter 1


2.1.1. 1. Principle One = You Can't Believe What People Say Answers to DIRECT questions are given with their CORTEXES (intelligence), not the part of the brain that is responsible for EMOTION or INSTINCT Access to the REPTILIAN brain occurs when we are relaxed, almost in a sleepy state

2.1.2. 2. Principle Two = EMOTION is the energy required to learn ANYTHING

2.1.3. 3. Principle Three = The STRUCTURE, not the content is the message The BIOLOGICAL Structure DNA The CULTURE Language, history The INDIVIDUAL Unique relationships

2.1.4. 4. Principle Four = There is a WINDOW in TIME for IMPRINTING and the MEANING of the imprint varies from one CULTURE to another Most Imprints Most Essential to Our Lives = 7 Years Old EMOTION is a central force for children under 7 After that, they are guided by LOGIC Never get a second chance to have a FIRST experience

2.1.5. 5. Principle Five = To access the meaning of an imprint in any culture, you must learn the CODE for that imprint Cheese Alive (France) = raw, room temperature Dead (USA) = pasteurized, refrigerator Food Safety (USA) vs. Flavor (France) Cars Identity (USA) Engineering (German)

3. Chapter 2:

3.1. THE GROWING PAINS OF AN ADOLESCENT CULTURE: The Codes for Love, Seduction, and Sex

3.1.1. Americans never had to kill their king to become adults Freedom vs. Prohibition = US Freedom vs. Aristocracy = France

3.1.2. Rebellious period never ended

3.1.3. Welcomed immigrants Immigration is a huge act of rebellion against own country Keeping culture adolescent

3.1.4. Signs of Adolescence Nike, Coke, fast food, blue jeans, violent movies No classical composer vs. rock, hip hop, R&B Wacko Culture Mike Tyson, MJ, Tom Cruise, Venus Williams, Bill Clinton

3.1.5. Adolescent Culture Intensive focus on the NOW Dramatic mood swings Constant need for exploration and challenge for authority Fascination with extremes Openbess to change and reinvention Mistakes born second chances Preoccupied with love, seduction, sex


4. Chapter 3

4.1. LIVING ON THE AXIS: The codes for Beauty and Fat

4.1.1. What's Love Got to Do With It? Beauty vs. Provocativeness BEAUTY = MEN'S SALVATION Fat vs. Connection/Purpose FAT = CHECKING OUT

5. Chapter 4

5.1. FIRST COMES SURVIVAL: The Codes for Health and Youth

5.1.1. 3 Brains Cortex Learning, abstract thought and imagination Limbic System Hypothalamus, hippocampus, amygdala Reptilian Brain stem, cerebellum

5.1.2. Survival is more important than feeling good (emotion) or making sense (logic)

5.1.3. Reptilian brain ALWAYS rules the day

5.1.4. You can trace the distintive evolution of each culture on the planet to the survival needs of that culture

5.1.5. Codes most related to SURVIVAL are HEALTH and YOUTH Health and Wellness Being able to complete your mission (US) Harmony with nature = TCM (China) Obligation to be able to contribute to your community and family (Japan) HEALTH = MOVEMENT DOCTOR = HERO NURSE = MOTHER HOSPITAL = PROCESSING PLANT YOUTH = MASK Hindu Indians UK regards youth as boring, inexperienced and prone to mistake (to be toleraged)

5.1.6. Products that promote MOVEMENT, mobility or action = on code!

6. Chapter 5

6.1. MOVING BEYOND BIOLOGICAL SCHEME: The Codes for Home and Dinner

6.1.1. HOME = Prefix RE REturn, REunite, REconnect, REconfirm, REnew Repeated routines where you know the outcome

6.1.2. Coming home = experience life again, close to loved ones

6.1.3. KITCHEN Is the center room, where family gathers Is the HEART of the American home because of the preparation of the evening meal Repetition of a ritual for replenishment Making dinner is ON CODE for home in America Offering family rituals and REUNION In Japan, dinner is eaten separately = no circle (no word for intimacy) No shoes Multifunctional rooms

6.1.4. DINNER = CIRCLE Family style Circle of the day The circle is the important part of the dinner Pizza is the perfect ON CODE food = circular and made to share

7. Chapter 6

7.1. WORKING FOR A LIVING: The Codes for Work and Money

7.1.1. What Do You Do? WORK = WHO YOU ARE MONEY = PROOF

8. Chapter 7

8.1. LEARNING TO LIVE WITH IT: The Codes for Quality and Perfection



8.1.3. No expection for perfection but problems MUST be solved quickly and with minimal disruption Americans more responsive to GOOD service than perfection

8.1.4. Crisis is a great opportunity to create LOYALTY

9. Chapter 8

9.1. MORE IS MORE: The Codes for Food and Alcohol

9.1.1. We eat as though we were still poor Food is SAFE SEX Eating is an act that requires efficiency

9.1.2. FOOD = FUEL

9.1.3. France = PLEASURE

9.1.4. Japan = PERFECTION

9.1.5. ALCOHOL = GUN (shot)

10. Chapter 9

10.1. JUST PUT THAT ALIBI ON MY GOLD CARD: The codes for Shopping and Luxury

10.1.1. Alibis give rational reasons for doing the things we do Casual Sex vs. Reputation Fear of STDs (cortex) Fear of VIOLENCE (reptilian) Getting Fat vs. Love of Food Schedule does not allow healthful living (cortex) Checking out (reptilian)

10.1.2. ALIBIS makes us feel better about what we do because it feels LOGICAL and socially ACCEPTABLE Marketing = Address the ALIBIS while addressing the CODE Always consider CODE and ALIBIS!


10.1.4. France = SCHOOL OF THE CULTURE

10.1.5. LUXURY = MILITARY STRIPES Functional = cars, diamond rings, kitchens, vacations No knighthood, so money shows your RANK in the world Military Stripes are a form or PROOF (notion of levels)

10.1.6. Italy = ART France = DO NOTHING

11. Chapter 10

11.1. WHO DO THESE UPSTARTS THINK THEY ARE? The codes for America in Other Cultures

11.1.1. France = SPACE TRAVELERS

11.1.2. Germany = JOHN WAYNE


11.1.4. France on France = IDEA

11.1.5. UK on UK = CLASS

11.1.6. Germany on Germany = ORDER

12. Chapter 11

12.1. PARTING OF THE RED SEA OPTIONAL: The codes for the American Presidency

12.1.1. US President = MOSES

12.1.2. Canada = TO KEEP

12.1.3. France = CHALLENGE THE IDEAS

13. Chapter 12

13.1. NEVER GROWING UP, NEVER GIVING UP: The code for America

13.1.1. America on America = DREAM