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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence

1. My Definition of intelligence is a capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding and other forms of mental activity. Having an aptitude for grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc.

2. Questions and Critiques of Intelligence

2.1. What role does culture play in intelligence?

2.2. Intelligence can be fostered and encouraged. If it was this way for every child, how would that affect the intelligence tests?

3. Components to my definition of intelligence. Theories...

3.1. Spearman's g: Idea that intelligence may involve a general ability to think and reason about a wide variety of tasks.

3.2. Cattell's Theory

3.2.1. Fluid Intelligence: ability to acquire knowledge quickly and adapt readily to new situations.

3.2.2. Crystalized Intelligence: knowledge and skills accumulated from prior experience and schooling.

3.3. Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

3.3.1. Linguistic intelligence

3.3.2. Logical-Mathematical intelligence

3.3.3. Spacial intelligence

3.3.4. Musical intelligence

3.3.5. Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence

3.3.6. Interpersonal intelligence

3.3.7. Intrapersonal intelligence

3.3.8. Natualistic intelligence

3.4. Sternberg's Triarchic

3.4.1. Role Of Environment Context

3.4.2. Role of Prior Experience

3.4.3. Role of Cognitive Processes

4. Children acquire intelligence

4.1. Genetics/Heredity

4.1.1. Traits you were born with

4.2. Environment

4.2.1. Schooling

4.2.2. Parental Influences

4.2.3. Cultural influences

4.2.4. Socioeconomic status