Distributive Leadership

Leading Edge concept map for distributive leadership

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Distributive Leadership by Mind Map: Distributive Leadership

1. Making sure that everyone is involved and heard!

2. empowering to institution

3. both/and thinking

4. creativity

5. means I give up control

6. many voices

7. LISTENing

7.1. New node

8. Distributive leadership requires a shift

8.1. requires planning and sharing

8.2. requires PD with faculty

8.3. requires PD for administrators

9. collaboration

10. Absolute clarity of common goals

10.1. New node

10.2. In line with school's mission, faculty goals, and your own vision

11. Risk Taking

11.1. open to criticism

11.2. Looks for ways to find feedback

11.2.1. use anonymous avenue for feedback, so you get honest responses

12. Sharing

12.1. Locally

12.2. Globally

12.3. Transparently

12.4. ideas

13. students are part of the work

13.1. know that students often know what they need before we do - involve them in design thinking

13.1.1. and then involve them in planning

14. We are all learning to lead effectively

14.1. develops understanding of bigger picture

15. Clear Vision/Purpose

15.1. Different ideas for different projects/initiatives, but under same vision

16. Leader as navigator rather than driver

16.1. leader who encourages pro dev

17. Sharing ideas

18. Building Ideas Together

19. bringing the leadership team on board

19.1. communication of why and how

19.2. helping parents understand the vision

19.3. reculturing so folks see the value

20. Building Upon a Common Vision

21. Integrating Existing Action Plans