Tuckshop Takeover; What do I need to find out?

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Tuckshop Takeover; What do I need to find out? by Mind Map: Tuckshop Takeover; What do I need to find out?

1. Calories- are essential for the teenage body, especially during the period of puberty. Calories is what measures the energy intake from the food you consume. The teenage body craves for a lot of energy, meaning that there is an increased calorie intake during puberty/teenage years. Although the hunger usually stops when you grow older, but this is not entirely true. Teenagers who are tall, big or sporty still require a lot more calories than other teenagers due to the size of their body and the physical activities sportspeople partake. Halfway through adolescence teenage girls eat roughly 25% less calories than teenage boys do. This plays a big role in their diets as females tend to eat less of the required nutrients.

2. Nutritional values required for teenagers at school

3. Meals available from the Tuckshop:

3.1. Hot Foods: Chicken Burger Hot Wrap Hot Dog Noodles Pork Riblet Roll Sausage roll Pizza Bread Garlic Bread Pies Nachos

3.2. Cold Foods: Sandwiches

4. Why is there a need for tuckshop meals?

4.1. Students and teachers alike require food to keep sufficient energy in our bodies to constantly keep our focus in class. Without the sufficient energy, we cannot focus due to the idea that "Food is what gives you energy. Lunch raises your blood sugar level in the middle of the day, making you be able to focus for the rest of the afternoon."

4.2. Tuckshop meals are important for those students who do not eat enough during the day. Some students may not receive enough or any food at all for school, so implementing a tuckshop into the school may be more efficient for those who do not have food prepared.

5. Stakeholders:

5.1. Who Needs Lunch from the Tuckshop? Rebecca Forte, always gives food to me since I have none. Additionally, she doesn't ever get enough sleep so giving a good energy booster through the day may help with her performance in school.

5.2. What should I find out about this person / people before I start planning? Any food allergies Rebecca might have Any dietary conditions How much food does she usually eat during lunch?

6. Food Allergies/Intolerances/Special Dietary Requirements

6.1. What I already know: Allergies and intolerances can cause extreme allergic reactions and if not treated properly, can result in death. Food allergies, when exposed to those who have them, can result in the inflammation of the skin and lungs

6.2. How will this impact the final product? I will have to change certain ingredients or avoid recipes IF they have an intolerance to a certain ingredient(s).

6.3. What are the different types of diets? Atkins Diet: Focuses on reducing insulin levels by lowering carbs in your daily intake. They may eat as much fats and proteins as they like but they must reduce Carbohydrates. Zone Diet: 40% carbohydrates, 30% fats, and 30% protein in each meal. This is for nutritional balance and to lower insulin levels. Ketogenic Diet: Reducing Carbohydrate Intake and increasing fat intake. It allows fat to be burnt as fuel rather than carbs. Vegetarian Diet: Most vegetarians stick to the one rule of not eating animal-based foods with the exception of eggs, dairy and honey. Veganism: Not eating animal-based products at all. This is for environmental reasons AND health reasons. Weight Watchers Diet: Diet, exercise, and a support network.

7. Packaging and Storing:

7.1. What do I need to consider when packaging my tuckshop meal? I need to look at packaging requirements in Canteens which I did a previous research on in my last internal (1.62). When packaged, I must ensure that there is: ALLERGEN ADVICE NAME OF FOOD.

7.2. What should I think about when choosing possible meal ideas? Whether it: Fits the requirements of the Stakeholder Can be easily eaten in one sitting A meal that can be made easily.

8. Survey

8.1. Who could I give the survey to? Friends, significant other, teachers, family? Although I decide to choose my significant other.

8.2. How many people should I give the survey to? I will give this to my stakeholder only which would help make me clearly decide what and what not to add or make for my tuckshop food.

8.3. More is better to get a broad range of opinions. This is true but for the case of my stakeholder I cannot do this for the fact that they may have allergies or dietary conditions I must avoid

8.4. How will I collate my information? I will use Mindmap to organise my stakeholder information.

9. My Stakeholder:

9.1. Food Allergies? NONE

9.2. Diets? NONE

9.3. Liked Foods/Ingredients? Sweet Italian

9.4. Disliked Foods/Ingredients? Mushrooms Baked Tomatoes

9.5. Sweet or Savory in Lunch? Sweet

9.6. Budget: $3.00 - $4.00

9.7. Everyday lunch: Grapes, Cranberries & Cookies

9.8. Sports? No.

9.9. Hobbies: The Arts & Reading