Communication Functions of Graphics

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Communication Functions of Graphics by Mind Map: Communication Functions of Graphics

1. Organizational

1.1. A graphic used to show qualitative relationships among content

1.2. For examples, a two-dimensional course map or a concept tree

2. Relational

2.1. A graphic used to show quantitative relationships among two or more variables

2.2. For examples, a line graph or a pie chart.

3. Transformational

3.1. A graphic used to show changes in objects over time or space

3.2. For examples, an animation of the weather cycle or a video showing how to operate equipment

4. Interpretive

4.1. A graphic used to illustrate a theory, principle, or cause-and-effect relationships

4.2. For examples, a schematic diagram of equipment and an animation of molecular movement

5. Decorative

5.1. A Graphic used to add aesthetic appeal or humor

5.2. For examples, art on the cover of a book or visual of a general in a military lesson on ammunition

6. Representational

6.1. A graphic used to depict an object in a realistic fashion

6.2. For examples, a screen capture of a software screen or a photograph of equipment

7. Mnemonic

7.1. A graphic used to provide retrieval cues for factual information

7.2. For example, a picture of a stamped letter in a shopping cart to recall the meaning of the Spanish word, Carta (letter)