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Blogs in the Classroom by Mind Map: Blogs in the Classroom
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Blogs in the Classroom

How can we incorporate blogs in a way that meets our curricular goals? What are some objectives that a blog can meet in your class? List one or two ideas of how you could incorporate a blog into your next unit

Teacher 1

Adv Computer Tech

Objective 1: Students will compose a letter to the principal

Teacher 3

Objective:  Improve students' literacy. Idea 1:  Having students post blogs and comments on a regular basis will help them improve their writing abilities.


Objective 1: To help students think of topics and ideas for essays

Objective 2: Improve students' literacy.

Teacher 4

US History

Teacher 5



Social Studies



Teacher 2


objective 1: students should have a general understanding of current US economic status

objective 2: students should have a general understanding of the finance process

objective 3: students should be able to answer word problems/real world financial questions

objective 4: students will be able create a scenario of expected lifestyles involving various financial descisions which would include but not limited to amortization scheuldes, sinking funds, dso