Blogs in the Classroom

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Blogs in the Classroom by Mind Map: Blogs in the Classroom

1. Teacher 3

1.1. English

1.2. Objective 1: To help students think of topics and ideas for essays

1.2.1. Idea 1: Have students blog regularily so that they always have a fund of ideas from which to draw for essays. I used to have them do this in the form of handwritten journals.

1.2.2. Idea 2: Have students complete a prewriting exercise that helps them generate possible topics as a blog. Then require students to offer feedback on students' prewriting in the form of questions to further their thinking or suggestions for further development.

1.3. Objective 2: Improve students' literacy.

1.3.1. Idea 1: Having students blog on a regular basis will help them improve their writing abilities.

1.3.2. Idea 2: In order to engage students' interest in a novel we are reading, I could require that they blog a diary entry or an inner monologue that the character might write/think, and then I could have each student comment on their classmates' entries.

1.3.3. Idea 3: I could post a question about the literature we are discussing and have students respond to the question. This will allow more voices to be heard than would a traditional classroom discussion in which the same students monopolize discussion and some students never offer their opinions.

2. Teacher 4

2.1. US History

2.1.1. Objective 1: Through interactive lessons students will experience life during colonial times in the years leading to the Revolutionary War. Idea 1: Students are presented with an official letter stating that for reasons of budget cuts they will need to pay $.10 for each w/s, test, etc. Non-payment will result in a failing grade. Idea 2: Stage town meetings between leading colonists and and representatives for King George III to discuss their differences.

3. Teacher 1

3.1. Adv Computer Tech

3.2. Objective 1: Students will compose a letter to the principal

3.2.1. Idea 1: Students will write a rough draft of topics on school issues important to them.

3.2.2. Idea 2: Students will create a blog stating their issues and comment on other classmates' blogs.

3.2.3. Idea 3: Students will read and respond to comments.

4. Teacher 5

4.1. Math

4.1.1. Students share and explain and understand multiple ways of computing different types of problems. example - blog about "how I did problem #3" and "what I thought"

4.2. Science

4.2.1. Students work collaboratively and understand the scientific process example - blog about what the hypothesis could be for a particular experiment, share background knowledge and information to support the final hypothesis, blog about results of the experiment to see more outcomes

4.3. Social Studies

4.3.1. Students learn about social issues and communities and government example - students can blog about community issues and debate

4.4. Reading

4.4.1. Students will discuss and share their understanding of a book they have read example - students can blog and discuss their single books or group books example - students can blog and share about text to self connections

4.5. Writing

4.5.1. Students will add creativity, depth, and visualizations into their personal narratives AND students will learn the writing process Students can type one to two sentences from their stories (or a small paragraph) and watch as their peers brainstorm to "improve" the sentence

5. Teacher 2

5.1. finance

5.2. objective 1: students should have a general understanding of current US economic status

5.3. objective 2: students should have a general understanding of the finance process

5.3.1. Idea 1: post a question about fiscal concept on blog. Students must include one of two responses in their answer/comment: either a link to an answer to the question (cannot duplicate the link of another person) or a 'real-life' example from a personal interview

5.4. objective 3: students should be able to answer word problems/real world financial questions

5.5. objective 4: students will be able create a scenario of expected lifestyles involving various financial descisions which would include but not limited to amortization scheuldes, sinking funds, dso