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Lung by Mind Map: Lung

1. Kids can aspirate on stuff

2. Cough

2.1. Productive

2.1.1. Acute Bacterial pneumonia HCAP CAP Aspiration pneumonia Alcoholics/no gag reflex -CNS -smells bad = anaerobes create amines

2.1.2. Chronic Bronchiestasis Cystic fibrosis

2.2. Non productive

2.2.1. Viral pneumonia Adenvirus, parainfluenza, influenza a and b

2.2.2. Atypical pneumonia Mysoplasma, legionella chlamidalphia

2.3. Hemoptysis

2.3.1. TB Primary Macrophage recognizes TB Secondary- apical Millary

2.3.2. Neoplasm Smokers Squamous cell carcinoma Small cell lung carcinoma Non-smokers Adenocarcinoma

2.3.3. Renal component - bloody urine Goodpastures Wegener- mico polyangitis

3. Sob

3.1. Atelectasis

3.1.1. Resorption Tumor = obstruction Post op shallow breathing presents with Fever

3.1.2. Compression Pulmonary/plural fibrosis

3.1.3. Contraction Fluid build up Mediastinal shift away from affected side

3.2. Wheezing and/or strider

3.2.1. Acute Asthma Croup - barking cough- steeple sign = cxr

3.2.2. Chronic Asthma Chronic bronchitis

3.3. Crackles (aveoli)

3.3.1. Acute ARDS Edema Hypersensitivity pneumonia Pulm embolism CHF S spontaneous pneumothorax Drugs

3.3.2. Chronic Emphysema Alpha 1 anti trypsin deficiency or smoking Primary pulm fibrosis Pneumoconiosis Auto immune Coal miner Silicosis Asbestosis Berylliosis Cystic fibrosis