Junior Lab Lecture 1

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Junior Lab Lecture 1 by Mind Map: Junior Lab Lecture 1

1. Introduction

1.1. Overview of lab

1.1.1. http://openwetware.org/wiki/Physics307L:Schedule/Week_1_agenda/Introduction

1.2. Register students for OWW

1.3. Course Goals

1.3.1. http://openwetware.org/wiki/Physics307L:Grading#Course_Goals

1.4. Grading

1.4.1. http://openwetware.org/wiki/Physics307L:Grading

2. Group work

2.1. Pair up, interview each other

2.1.1. Full name

2.1.2. Identifying characteristic

2.1.3. Year, major

2.1.4. What will be next step in career after degree?

2.1.5. Looking forward to any parts of the lab?

2.1.6. Favorite physics course(s) so far

3. First lab--Oscilloscope

3.1. This week optional, but most students want extra time to get familiar with the instrument and electronic notebooks

4. General announcements

4.1. Announcement about NSF REU

4.1.1. $3,520 for full academic year

4.2. No classes the week of Labor Day (neither Monday nor Wednesday)

5. Assignment

5.1. Setting up online notebook

5.1.1. I will send out an email later this week.