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Speeches by Mind Map: Speeches
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Severn Suzuiki Speech


the adults say one thing and don't follow it up

Facts were very strong


not enough for poor countries

gave lots of examples

seeing real children

animals - salmon


even though we have everything - we are afraid to share - she said We - talking to her audience

'Please ....Stop"

You are all mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers

including her audience,

Mentioned her father - sayings and phrases

Emotive language

starving children

I am afraid

I used to go fishing

I cry at night

I have dreamed

Butterflies will not exist to show our children

SPeed of talking - not to fast, very clear, waited for audience to think about a statement

Barack Obama Speech to High School


First day of you must be feeling

Eye Contact - always looked aorund to the whole audience



Other point of view

He said that it is tough - you may not have a great time some days, you may not have a lot of money

But, siad it was still up to you

Very clear message - 7S all understood the message

Exact examples - with facts - connect facts to his audience e.g. You can be like these people, you may be better off than them.

Offers a solution - goals, what you do to change

Muhammed Ali - I Am The Greatest!