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Globalization and fashion by Mind Map: Globalization and fashion

1. what is fashion? fashion is a popular trend especially in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior.

2. Impact of globalization on fashion

2.1. affects

2.1.1. marketing

2.1.2. production

2.1.3. distribution

2.2. latest fashion trends

2.2.1. creation of open market

2.2.2. free trade countries

3. what is globalization? the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale.

4. labour

4.1. globalization leads to problems

4.1.1. as low as 15 cents an hour

4.1.2. bad work conditions

4.1.3. larger profit

4.2. what can we do?

4.2.1. protest to pressuring brand to improve their clothing

5. Human rights

5.1. necessary in order to live as true human beings

5.1.1. civil and political rights class of rights that protect individuals freedom from infringement governments, social organizations and private individuals ensure ones ability to participate in the civil and political life of society

5.1.2. civil vs political rights right to vote right to own property right to freedom of speech rights to leave and return of country

5.1.3. rights and responsibilities international agreements that are intended to protect human rights how individuals can work to protect their own and other peoples rights

6. Made in Canada

6.1. influences globalization

6.1.1. affects the clothes making industries due to factories being shut down

6.1.2. leads to work exploitation of workers due to high demand of items

6.1.3. cheaper to have factories overseas than at home

6.2. importing goods

6.2.1. quotas limited the amount of good imported from individual countries

6.3. the government

6.3.1. consumers purchase imported products from china, India, etc, it makes it cheaper for them

6.4. local Canadian clothing companies

6.4.1. angry with canadian government for removing the rule that allowed them to import stuff from over seas finding it hard to sell expensive clothing

6.4.2. Canadian workers are losing their jobs

7. Impact on the environment

7.1. overconsumption

7.1.1. major retailers have couple of options donate to charities sell them to outlets and discount stores

7.1.2. the major retailers make is to throw it all in a landfill

7.2. waste

7.2.1. preconsumer that leftover materials from production of clothing

7.2.2. postconsumer what is discarded by consumers after use

7.3. wage

7.3.1. low wage garment workers in cycle of poverty pressure to work longer hours

7.3.2. cambodia and china minimum wage needs to be twice as high to cover basic cost of living

7.4. water carbon and chemicals

7.4.1. 90% of natural fibers used to make cotton, and it is used in 40% of clothing produced globally

7.4.2. vibrant colors prints and fabric finishes are appealing features of fashion achieved with toxic chemicals