Remix Of Song (DUNCAN)

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Remix Of Song (DUNCAN) by Mind Map: Remix Of Song (DUNCAN)

1. I will email the remix teacher for help

2. i will try to get you in touch with some of my friends... they mostly remix tech and minimal music though ... hussain

3. Explore online resources relating to audio production

4. Hey Duncann I have done a bunch of remixes talk to me if you need any help - Nathan

5. How do you plan to remix the song?

6. Tried to post the link to no avail but type in top 10 remixes of 2011 on google and listen in perhaps...mostly crap though


7.1. Jason Derulo "Dont wanna go home" Remix

8. Online Logic Tutorials

8.1. Online Remix Tutorials


8.3. I know how to use Logic, ask me if you have questions. Colin

9. Listen to original song


10. my husband has done a lot of remixes -- you could email him for advice -- [email protected]