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Build a website (HUSSAIN) by Mind Map: Build a website (HUSSAIN)

1. Content?

1.1. introduction

1.2. Djaying

1.2.1. equipment and music

1.3. guitar/types of instruments

1.4. Music and influences

1.4.1. Eastern classical training and some history behind it. Name of my teachers

1.5. Work

1.5.1. work experience mtv events, shows, india, mtv unplugged shipping teaching

1.5.2. link to portfolio link to independent project

1.6. what about harris?

1.6.1. can give a write of my experience at harris

1.7. wondering if i should put some recordings of my performances. can also be a wave file without video

1.8. Can also add my canada world youth experience

1.9. Can add youtube links to favourite songs

2. What software should I use?

2.1. wordpress

2.1.1. use -- good place to start for beginners

2.1.2. has lots of good online video tutorials for free

3. Promotion?

3.1. Twitter

3.2. harrisbook

3.3. Facebook

4. Format

4.1. look

4.1.1. new age and funky

4.2. pictures

4.2.1. what type of pictures? pictures of concerts and d.jaying fun pictures to describe who i am Add pictures from Canada World Youth

4.3. font

4.4. i want it to be user friendly

5. Contact details

5.1. phone, e mail and facebook, twitter(?)

5.2. Can be a good business tool