What kind of placement is for me? Practical considerations

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What kind of placement is for me? Practical considerations by Mind Map: What kind of placement is for me?  Practical considerations

1. Type of organisation

1.1. Start up

1.2. Not-for-profit / Charity

1.3. Government (local or national)

1.4. Public sector

1.5. Commercial company

2. Course requirements

2.1. Each course will have different requirements - please check with your school's Year in Industry Coordinator

3. Working environment

3.1. Office

3.2. Lab

3.3. Mobile - i.e. travelling as part of your job

3.4. Outdoors

4. Salary

4.1. Placements which are an "integral and assessed" part of a degree are exempt from National Minimum Wage legislation.

4.2. However, most organisations will offer a salary in order to attract the best students

4.3. UEA strongly encourages all the organisations we work with to pay placement students.

4.4. Some charities will offer placements that you undertake on a voluntary basis. It is up to you whether this is an option you want to consider

5. Size of organisation

5.1. Small

5.2. Medium

5.3. Large

6. Location

6.1. UK or international?

6.2. Norwich?

6.3. Closer to home?

6.4. London or another big city?

6.5. Somewhere else?

7. Work / Life balance

7.1. Working hours

7.2. Perks of the jobs, e.g. holidays, social activities, free stuff

7.3. Is flexible working an option?

7.4. What commitments do you have outside of work? e.g. caring for family members

8. Type of work

8.1. Administration

8.2. Lab based experiements

8.3. Customer interaction

8.4. Project work

8.5. Repetative tasks or lots of variety

8.6. Independent work

8.7. Group or collaborative work

8.8. Opportunity to be creative