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Home Projects to Complete by Mind Map: Home Projects to Complete
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Home Projects to Complete



Light Bulbs in House lights replaced

House Numbers Installed

Front Entry Landscaping

Walk Maker Path

Square Foot Gardening

Fascia Around Garage

Take out dead Juniper

Seal House to Squirrels and Birds


Bury Sewer Pipe

Remove Tree Debris and Leaf piles

Put away tools

Replace Screens

Remove Paint from Bathroom Exterior Window

Throw away shower curtain on Fence

Wash throw blanket and put away

Put away old hose

Build up foundation

Seal House to Squirrels

Utility Areas

Screened Porch

Fix or Replace Wood Siding you tore

Screen Door, Align, Replace Hardware and Wood Slats

Put away tools and supplies

Sell Lawn Mower



Elfa Shelving-Install or Return

Clear the Clutter

Hang up deer mounts

Replace Light Bulbs

Back hallway


Paint and derust Metal door

Fix Back door

Replace Screens


Square foot gardening, Build Cover, Build third box

Garage Sale

Trunk Derusting and Interior finish out

Organize and declutter


Wash other half of carpet



Paper Sorting & Tossing

Receipt Scanning

Framing Pictures

Fix or finish frames

Change light bulb on hanging fixture

Wash dog bedding

Crate Covers-sew


Outer Kitchen

Paint Ceiling

Fix Ceiling Crack

Fix loose Tile/ regrout

Fix wood piece left from shelving

Paint trim and Walls

add Threshold at Tile/wood floors

Main Kitchen

Cracks in Walls-fix

Repair/replace stove

Take down old Drapery hardware


Repair lineoleum

Repair & Caulk Sink

Clean Cabinet faces of grease

Front Room


Paint Doors

Replace front door

Fix Chipped paint on wall

Paint trim

Living Room

Finish Painting Ceiling

Sew Drapery

Take up Rug

Paint vents on ceiling

sew pillows

paint trim

fix crack in ceiling



Paint Ceiling

Replace light Fixture

Paint walls

Paint trim

Attach return vent face

Fix warped wall

Hall bath

Fix Ceiling holes

Paint ceiling and trim

Clean grease off ceiling and trim

Paint walls

Change shower curtain and hardware

Add Shower Drapes

Fix Seam in corner wall

Patch spot mirror tore

attach mirrored medicine cabinet

change hardware on towel racks and tp roll holder

Remove shelf?

Change door Hardware

Paint door

Remove and patch old fan (must be done BEFORE installing medicine cabinet)

Remove and redo caulking on toilet

Fix Window to OPEN!

Master Suite

Master Bedroom

Replace vent cover

Clean up ceiling paint

Cornice boards for windows

Patch corner crack in wall

Finish wall painting

Fix paint blobs on walls

Clean up paint edges(top and sides)

Finish sanding and painting behind mirror

Fix closet door

Paint trim (closet and floorboards)

sand and Paint pocket door to bath

Paint drawers, put them back and replace hardware

Master Bath

Clean paint off window

patch big crack in wall

replace light switch and faceplate

Fix Towel hardware


Finish Vanity hardware replacement

Clean up shower-recaulk or regrout

take off blue and green safety dots from shower

Replace toilet

Take down shelf with glass


Patch ceiling cracks and paint

Caulk crack in corner wall

Need drapery

Paint trim

Finish Drawers (painting and hardware)

Big Bedroom

2nd coat of paint in corners and edges

paint trim

replace fan

recoat ceiling where water damage is


Replace light bulbs

Replace wall plates and switchplate