Regional Manager

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Regional Manager by Mind Map: Regional Manager

1. D2D operations of the clinics

1.1. OPTIMIZE PT SCHEDULE - (like an ATC control tower) - Ensure all tx are done. DECREASE NO SHOWS

1.2. STAFF WORK SCH - Ensure Staff is working optimally

1.3. CHECKLISTS - Ensure work Checklists are followed - morning,intraday, nightly, weekly, monthly

1.4. EMR - Daily EMR notes are done on time

2. Job Expectations

2.1. Sales

2.2. Clinics are running smooth - back to back tx, tx done on time. tx no shows appropriate & 1st time warnings and Fees charged, no burns, decreased SG's, EMR % improvement reports satisfactory, EMR's done daily

2.3. Staff issues are handled & intime without needing Dr K

2.4. Customer Service issues are handled timely & in time without needing Dr K

2.5. Performance Review

3. Job D2D Activities


3.1.1. Daily checklist audit all sales -correct discount -payment processed correctly -autopay audit - setup correctly & for correct amount. Contact log tech to correct if not correct -all 'acct payments' as unassigned (done by acct dept now) -Employee purchases audit - mark all employee purchases as unassigned -comp guest audit -contact log for all comp guest to determine why and correct correct

3.1.2. Morning Sales figures (Yesterday and MTD). Are we on track to meet/exceed goal Sch at a glance for all clinics - Optimize schedule Call all clinic managers – sales and other issues

3.1.3. Mid-day handle refund, customer complaints, and satisfaction guarantee

3.1.4. End of Day Check sales performance (Revenue by staff) Check Consult sales – All NO SALE Consults should have a contact log and f/u plan Check all referral sources – so we know which marketing is working


3.2.1. Mon by 3pm – Discuss agenda for Tue am conf call Tue Am – 9a-10a= prepare for conf call & 10a-noon = conf call

3.2.2. - (Acct Dept to do)Scrubbed sales report 2 ready for conf call


3.3.1. Sales Performance Sales Performance Did we achieve our goal? Why? i.e. Study all Revenue Reports Revenue by Clinic Revenue by Staff Revenue by Marketing Revenue by Treatment Type How can we improve next month? Forecast based on Marketing Forecast based on Staff

3.3.2. This Month’s Work Schedule – Travel etc

3.3.3. -Employee performance report update -sales report update

3.4. Other issues / challenges

3.4.1. 1. Staff turnover 2. Staff training 3. Staff Motivation/communication – give bad news first and fast. 4. Monitor Unauthorized sales and Unauthorized treatments 5. EQUIPMENT 6. BUILDING 7. EMR 8. MARKETING


3.5.1. eg 1. Implement listen360 with speed, 2. complete comp cleanup, 3.autopay setup cleanup, 4. noemails cleanup

4. Job Duties

4.1. Sales

4.1.1. Sales training & coaching the Staff Sales - visit clinics and increase sales Coach all clinics on sales skills improve 'closing skills' of the team Ongoing mentoring and motivation call CM's atleast 2 times a day

4.1.2. Daily - watch for consult sales and upsells

4.1.3. ensure their dashboard F/U SEQUENCE is filled and upto date

4.1.4. Daily AUDIT sales No unauthorized discounts, correct autopay setup, no unauthorized treatments. This is also done by acct dept. Eventually this will be the sole responsibility of Accounting Dept.

4.2. Coordinate

4.2.1. Coordinate Ops issues Equipments Supplies HR/Accounting Misc - Televox etc

4.2.2. Coordinate Marketing

4.2.3. Coordinate & Handle Customer Service

4.3. New Projects

4.3.1. help implement new projects - eg Photos (beore/after), Listen360, new equipment

4.3.2. MB - clean up noemails, clean up 'Active' pts

4.3.3. MB - clean up Comps & Acct Balances

4.4. Hiring

4.4.1. interview candidates

4.5. Training

4.5.1. new hire Training & Ongoing employee training

4.5.2. Training Videos - create them

5. Job Description

5.1. Overseeing Clinics and Managers -Clinic questions -directing concerns to correct department. -Standard Day to Day Ops. -Customer Service -calling clients -complaints and concerns -refunds

6. Learning Systems

6.1. MB

6.2. Dropbox

6.2.1. Sales Folder

6.2.2. Training Folder

6.3. Websites



6.4. EMR

6.5. Pt Pad

6.6. Listen360