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Drug Traffic by Mind Map: Drug Traffic

1. Consumer market

1.1. Recreational users

1.1.1. They are not drug addicts

1.1.2. Can become addicted

1.2. Addicteds

1.2.1. Sell their things to support their vices

1.2.2. Their lives have been destroyed

1.2.3. Depend on organized crime

1.3. Contribute to organized crime

2. Drugs

2.1. Crack

2.1.1. Low cost

2.1.2. Causes addiction very quickly

2.1.3. Same effects as cocaine, but intensified

2.1.4. By-product of cocaine paste

2.2. Cocaine

2.2.1. It is estimated that cocaine powder sold on the streets is between 5% and 40% pure Is mixed with very dangerous substances such as amphetamines or certain anesthetics.

2.2.2. high cost

2.2.3. The substance causes a sensation of euphoria and great vitality.

2.3. Other Drugs

3. Failures in the structure of the country

3.1. impunity

3.2. overcrowded chains

3.3. arrests on organized crime

3.4. endless war on drugs

4. Poles of organized crime

4.1. Southeast region

4.1.1. São Paulo Suffers strong action from organized crime

4.1.2. Rio de Janeiro Several cases of police corruption Some police departments on faction control Organized crime has political influence Some politicians are influenced by organized crime PCC and Comando Vermelho's headquarter Largest pole of traffic and organized crime

4.1.3. Region with greater activity of organized crime

4.2. Large cities generally

5. Factions

5.1. Comando Vermelho

5.2. PCC

5.3. Família Do Norte

5.4. other smaller factions

5.4.1. Largest faction in Brazil

6. consequences

6.1. grooming of minors

6.2. frequent violence

6.2.1. huge homicide rate

6.3. destruction of families

6.4. organized crime in various spheres of power

6.5. Billions of real taxes spent on this problem directly and indirectly

7. Solutions to the problem?

7.1. no fully effective solution

7.1.1. there is no way to solve