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Jacks Ideas by Mind Map: Jacks Ideas
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Jacks Ideas



Design build your own kits

Make loads of them for school fair etc

Cross Stitching for Kids

Start producing cool images and designing cross stitching or paint by number kits in time for Xmas etc

Maze Quests

Birthday Countdown

Paper based tool for counting down to birthdays etc, could be used for anything. Involves layers of paper which are pulled out to reveal next day.


Buy these domains and set up asap. WebSite

Need to buy and set up site.Design layout and structure. Identify purpose etc

What else can this site be used for?

Maze Quests


allsorts or misfits website - for selling Allsorts teddy bears - like what Ma made Buy domain and set up site? See bigfellas map



Use separate mind map for creating structure for each different book.

The Watch

Short Stories


Silly Books

Think of some more ideas for silly books. Try and finish Nit book asap.

101 things a Nit cannot do, 01 - Cant Drive a car, 02 - Cant get nits, 03 - Cant eat a chip