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Water Pollution by Mind Map: Water Pollution

1. Huntsville Ecosystems

1.1. Temperate Forest

1.1.1. Shrubs

1.1.2. Evergreen trees

1.1.3. Black bears

1.1.4. Squirrels

1.1.5. Benefits to People Food Timber Oxygen

1.2. Freshwater Swamp

1.2.1. Floating plants

1.2.2. Amphibians

1.2.3. Insects

1.2.4. Birds

1.2.5. Benefits to People Fish Flood protection Water

2. How to Prevent Water Pollution

2.1. Conserve Water

2.1.1. Green Stormwater Infrastructure

2.1.2. Rain gardens

2.1.3. Cisterns

2.1.4. Permeable Pavement

2.2. Oil Spills

2.2.1. Use environmentally safe cleaners

2.3. Oxygen Depletion

2.3.1. Plant trees and gardens

2.4. Soil Pollution

2.4.1. Don't overuse pesticides and fertilizers

2.5. Wastewater/Sewage

2.5.1. No medicines/chemicals down the drain

2.6. Acid Rain

2.6.1. Carpool (reduce car exhaust)

3. Effects of Water Pollution

3.1. Oil Spills

3.1.1. Birds can't fly

3.1.2. Dead fish

3.2. Oxygen Depletion

3.2.1. Plants produce toxins (ammonia)

3.2.2. Microorganisms feed on bio-degradable matter

3.3. Soil Pollution

3.3.1. Pesticides

3.3.2. Undrinkable groundwater

3.4. Wastewater/Sewage

3.4.1. Undrinkable water

3.4.2. Dead fish

3.4.3. Nutrients build algae

3.5. Acid Rain

3.5.1. Smaller seeds

3.5.2. Weakens plants' resistance to disease

4. Community Involvement

4.1. Proposal

4.1.1. Solution: conserve water

4.1.2. Costs

4.1.3. Benfits

4.1.4. Assessments Student Evaluation Form Audience Evaluation Form Teacher Evaluation Form

4.1.5. TEKS Language: 3.30, 3.21 Science: 3.2.F Theater: 3.3.A, 3.3.B, 3.5.A Art: 3.2.B, 3.3.C Music: 3.4.A, 3.6.A, 3.6.C Social Studies: 3.4.D

4.2. Who to Contact

4.2.1. Solid Waste/Recycling Recycling Division

4.2.2. Andy Brauninger (mayor)

4.2.3. Huntsville City Councilmen

4.2.4. Families

4.2.5. Community members

4.3. Evidence

4.3.1. Books What Can We Do About Pollution? Abigale the Happy Whale All the Way to the Ocean Marine Pollution: What Everyone Needs to Know The Lorax Green World, Clean World: Polluted Oceans Water Pollution (True Books: Environment)

4.3.2. Artifacts Experiment Journal Technnology: 3.4.A Math: 3.1.A, 3.1.B, 3.8.A Science: 3.2.A, 3.2.C Research Journal Language: 3.2.B, 3.4.B, 3.25.A Social Studies: 3.17.A Technology: 3.3.B How-to Book Social Studies: 3.19.A Language: 3.15.A Blog Science: 3.2.F Art: 3.4.C Technology: 3.2.C