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Social skills by Mind Map: Social skills

1. easy to get along well with others = less conflicts and misunderstanding

1.1. intimate ; healthy relationships

1.1.1. sense of belonging

1.2. less conflicts e.g. income gap

1.2.1. cohesive society

2. face to face communication feel comfortable when talk with people in real situations/ real life (e.g. meet a stranger - will not feel embrassed ) read emotions, body languages, respond to them properly

2.1. technology: mobile phones, online chatting

2.2. online education primary for adults 没有影响 反驳: 其他方式培养

2.3. sports : children require you to cooperate interact

3. -communicate with people from different background - be aware of the differences - empathy (stand in others shoes)_

3.1. multiculural society travelling

3.2. online chatting - foreigners

3.3. online work ; work everywhere