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Phrases by Mind Map: Phrases

1. Adverbial Phrase

1.1. modifies a verb, an adjective, or an adverb by providing additional details about it.

1.1.1. PP- Things are going well at school.

1.1.2. IP- To track my running speed, I use a stopwatch.

2. Geround Phrase

2.1. is a verb form that ends in -ing

2.2. plus any modifiers and complements.

2.2.1. Subj- Climbing is not as easy as it looks.

2.2.2. DO- In the summer, Kara prefers swimming.

2.2.3. IO- Students have made reading a habit.

2.2.4. PN- My sister's hobby is singing.

3. Infinitive Phrase

3.1. is a verb form that begins with the word to.

3.1.1. N- To watch horror movies scares my sister.

3.1.2. DO- Kari wants to sing.

3.1.3. PN- My father's dream was to be famous.

3.1.4. Adj- Pablo is an important person to know.

3.1.5. Adv- To sleep, bats hang upside down.

4. Appositive Phrase

4.1. *essential appositive provides necessary information for identifying the noun.

4.1.1. Teacher Jitommy Diaz sent us a difficult homework.

4.2. *nonessential appositive provides additional information about a noun in a sentence.

4.2.1. Boby, the dog that lives next door, likes running in the park.

5. Participle Phrase

5.1. is a verb form that functions as an adjective by modifying nouns and pronouns.

5.1.1. Present P- Shivering, the couple ran out of the rain.

5.1.2. Past P- The broken window needed to get repaired.

6. Prepositional Phrase

6.1. preposition + noun.

6.2. draws a relationship between a noun or pronoun and another word in a sentence.

6.2.1. Adj- The boy with him is his son.

6.2.2. Adv- When you get to the sign, take a left.

7. Adjective Phrase

7.1. modifies a noun or pronoun by providing more information about it.

7.1.1. PP- The house accross the street is my friend´s.