Def Jam Record Label

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Def Jam Record Label by Mind Map: Def Jam Record Label

1. Legal Team

1.1. 1.Handles copyright and patent laws.

1.2. 2.Provides attorneys for artist and employees with in-house lawyering

1.3. 3.Create contracts between the company, the artist and other companies they do business with.

1.4. 4. Negotiates terms of Artist Contracts and royalties

1.5. 5. Handles any lawsuits or settlements between artist and company.

2. Sales and Distribution

2.1. 1. Controls and suggests retail pricing

2.2. 2. Handles Promotion details including advertising.

2.3. 3.Manages Profits from album and single sales.

2.4. 4.Works directly with retailers and streaming services for distributing music.

2.5. 5.Makes decision on best way to Stream Music

3. Marketing and Promotions

3.1. 1. Helps coordinate plan for promotions.

3.2. 2. Ensures Artist music is known and wanted.

3.3. 3. Creates Advertising and Incentives for music Distribution

3.4. 4. Uses Budget provided by finance team to create visuals and merchandise for pushing sales.

3.5. 5.Creates promotion plans and securing placement for retailers and streaming services.

4. A&R/ Talent Scouts

4.1. 1.In Charge of Discovering New Artists

4.2. 2. Builds Rapport with artists to prepare them for label signings.

4.3. 3. Creates Business plans and creates moves for the artists.

4.4. 4. The link between the artist and the other departments.

4.5. 5. Responsible with inviting the artist to the label and starting artist development.

5. Finance Department

5.1. 1. Works with Artist and their budgets

5.2. 2. Prepares financial overview of entire company assets and liabilities.

5.3. 3. Creates transaction for purchasing needed negations and ventures with other companies.

5.4. 4. Manages Funds for Artist development as well as in-house maintenance and trading.

5.5. 5. Pays out Contracts and In-Company employee wages.