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Input and Output Devices by Mind Map: Input and Output Devices
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Input and Output Devices



The "key" to input is to make sure the information it being properly inputted. Whether it is being inputted from a standard keyboard or from a white board to ones mind, there needs to be some sort of connection.

Like a monitor or a projection screen, the output of any information is extremely important to its learners. Visuals are often students connection with information, whether it is through text or pictures.

There is a solid connection between the input and output of any person or system. In order for information to be transferred from teacher to student, the process of understanding their output leads to their input and absorption of information.

There is a solid connection between input and output. One leads to the other and allows for information to flow and connect.

Presenting information is extremely important. Instructing and allowing students to engage and communicate is an extremely important in the learning process.