Team RTS Ideas

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Team RTS Ideas by Mind Map: Team RTS Ideas

1. Mobile Platform!!!

1.1. Build on PC

1.2. Not actually being published

2. Multiplayer

3. Scrolling Menu

4. Shake phone for unit defense

5. Control Points

6. Tree House side scroller

6.1. New node

7. Utilize Zoom

8. Art Ideas

8.1. Cartoon Style

8.1.1. New node

8.2. Kids are characters

8.3. High School Theme

9. Programming Ideas

10. Objective based tech-tree

11. No control over AI

11.1. Spawned by player

11.2. One path

12. Random maps

12.1. random terrain

12.2. random control points

13. Games to Study

13.1. Globulation

13.2. New node

14. Insanity

14.1. Game Design Document

14.1.1. New node

14.1.2. New node

14.2. Art Style

14.2.1. Cartoonish, disproportionate characters

14.2.2. New node

14.2.3. New node

14.3. Programming

14.3.1. New node

14.4. Game Design

14.4.1. Unit Types Melee, Ranged, Buffer get certain areas to get special units see loadout node

14.4.2. Game Loadout Screen Choose unit buffs Change unit looks choose certain number of spells and certain number of units

14.4.3. Owning lobes buffs +1 armor faster spawning resources click lobe to gain spell section off lobes into groups New node

14.4.4. Spells(no hero) large cooldown enough cooldown to use spell earn spells through time 3 to 4 spells get spells by conquering lobes spells above lobe to activate wheel loadout or high alpha spell menu New node

14.4.5. Problems: Balance power between two players New node Time quick battles too big New node Fewer units

14.4.6. Spawning customizable spawn intervals use resources to choose spawned units New node

14.4.7. Concept How much brain oriented? art style story context loose interpretation of the brain How much warfare? main gameplay New node New node

14.4.8. Unit Build Queue Spawn automatically for each area you have conquered cycling queue 4 every ten seconds

14.4.9. Unit destinations set rally points Unit travel between lobes dont funnel through doors, they transport into lobes reduce bottlenecking

14.4.10. What makes the game fun? Choose units Deploy units spells combat

14.5. Game Mechanics Assignments

14.5.1. Programmers New node New node New node

14.5.2. Artists learn maya basic shapes(cubes,spheres, pyramids New node

14.6. First Playable:

14.6.1. Unit gains bonus from capturing area unit captures area by being inside area

14.6.2. unit combat starts when two opposing units enter area

14.6.3. New node

15. Insanity

15.1. Research

15.1.1. Art Style Cartoon cel shading more detail Realistic very realistic less realistic

15.1.2. Animation Style Cutout Battleheart Poses sprite sheet

15.1.3. Map Style Map divisions hexagonal Cartoon cel shaded more detail(layers) Realistic New node static backgrounds

16. First Iteration

16.1. Class Criticism

16.1.1. Game summary

16.1.2. What weapons to attack with

16.1.3. how abilities target heroes/units

16.1.4. Character art and unit art

16.1.5. How are we building units/buildings

16.1.6. maybe a full screen shot

16.2. New node

16.3. Side Scrolling

16.3.1. Treehouse Concept

17. Second Iteration (Light Game)

17.1. unit takes 5 seconds to move across

17.2. prism cracks to show life

17.3. tracks for units to follow

17.4. Graphics

17.4.1. prisms, laser burst, unit track

17.4.2. spectrum

17.4.3. spark or explosion

17.4.4. New node

17.5. New node

17.6. no powerpoint

17.7. 2 tracks

17.8. unit attributes - 4 groups with different attributes

17.8.1. New node New node New node New node

17.8.2. New node

17.8.3. New node

17.8.4. New node

17.9. Criticism

17.9.1. combat waves seems confusing New node

17.9.2. good points innovative idea good graphics

17.9.3. test on projection system first New node

17.9.4. text boxes are blah New node

17.9.5. have supporting graphics for combat maybe more graphics than text or two pages

17.9.6. Don't read off presentation

17.9.7. Wordy text needs graphics

18. Final Game Choice (Winner is Insanity)

18.1. Light Game

18.1.1. having upgrades

18.1.2. choices

18.1.3. New node

18.2. Insanity

18.2.1. Programming Pathing Unit production AI Challenging fog of war

18.2.2. Art Visually Striking, changing environments Challenging New node

18.2.3. non traditional combat

18.2.4. upgrades

18.2.5. challenging possibilities

18.2.6. Portfolio worthy

18.3. Challenges

18.3.1. Make RTS Simple

18.3.2. Use resources New node

18.3.3. Take RTS to the next level

18.3.4. Research RTS like never before!!! board games notes screenshots sketching brainstorming IDEO process

18.3.5. Unity start messing around New node

19. Third Iteration: Insanity

19.1. New node

19.2. New node

19.3. Criticisms

19.3.1. Sacrifice, goofy funny units

19.3.2. which side do you choose?

19.3.3. evolving environment

19.3.4. Great Work

19.3.5. Great Humor, graphics Great way to zoom in different background graphics Red letters are subliminal Probably the one to make!

19.3.6. Keep it fun!!!

20. Insanity Revision

20.1. Units

20.1.1. goal is to affect other lobes

20.1.2. invincible until affects lobe then dies.

20.1.3. New node

20.2. Area(lobes)

20.2.1. area grows into a defensive structure the longer you hold it.

20.2.2. affected by units

20.2.3. pours over into other lobes

20.2.4. gives units or areas offensive or defensive buffs

20.3. buffs

20.3.1. New node

20.3.2. New node

20.3.3. New node