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Webs of Significance IICS551 Lindsay Marsh by Mind Map: Webs of Significance
Lindsay Marsh
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Webs of Significance IICS551 Lindsay Marsh

Non-Profit Organizations

Immigrant Settlement and Multiculturalism

AMSSA (current workplace)

Royal Roads University

Intercultural and International Communication

Cohort 1 (Blue Stars!)

Volunteer Organizations

Go Make a Difference Volunteer Organization

Didi Vratiisha and all-girls school, Western Bengal, India

Dada Richard Zoleta, Baan Dada Children's Home & Community,Thai/Burmese border

Amnesty International

Taste for Justice Campaign & Fundraiser

Canada Africa Partnership on AIDS (CAP AIDS)

2010 & 2011 Vancouver Bike-a-Thon Fundraiser

Fair Trade Vancouver

EPIC, the annual Sustainability Fair

Slow Food Movement

Slow Food Cycle

Social Media


Activism on social justice, slow food, temporary foreign workers, migrants, ethnic minorities, poverty, homelessness, climate change, labour disputes




Queer Community in Vancouver

Local/Sustainable Food Group

New node

Mable League Softball - The Rockers

Rhizome Cafe

Where I Live

East Vancouver

Sunrise Housing Co-operative




JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme)

Change Agents

Amnesty International

Chris Friesen, Refugee Settlement Advocate in Vancouver

Melanie Conn, Community Developer in Vancouver

Ajay Puri, Multicultural + Environmental Collaborator, Activist in Vancouver

My Community

Family - Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister-in-Law

Friends work, volunteering, high school, university, Japanese community, JET community, sports, the queer community, activism



Sustainable Food Nights


Taiko community in Japan and Katari taiko in Vancouver