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Viral Prospector Launch by Mind Map: Viral Prospector Launch
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Viral Prospector Launch

JV Partners

JV Partners Spreadsheet

FREE Content

Tools for Affiliates to Promote

Emails for Upcoming Launch

For Affiliates

For Members, Help them Refer 3


For Potential FAE

For Potential Members

PDF Documents

127 page Ebook

Review 2nd Report we created


How to Generate FREE Leads

How to Capture Leads on Any Site

How to Build Large List on Facebook for FREE

How to Get Prospects Chasing You


LC Page, Needs Video

Sales Page for FAE

Sales Page for Potential Members

One Time Offers

FCF Library

$197 Normally $497

Interviews With Leaders

$197 Normally $497

Wisdom for Home Based Businesses

$197 Normally $497

LC Content Pages

Generates Leads

Automate Daily Delivery of Content For Their Prospects

$197 Normally $497

PLR Pages 'Done For You'

$197 Normally $497

ALL OTO For 1 Price

$497 Normally $985

Our Affiliate Positions

Have Key Affiliates at SA Level

Test LC page


Test OTO

Multiple Offers

Sell AE for $497

They Get $250


Interview 1 Per Month for Content

Convert to Audio, PDF & Video, Add content to Traffic Geyser, Burn to DVD, Offer for Additional Fee

Have at Least 3 for the launch, Use for Bonuses

Get to Promote

Team of 12

Jerry Clark


Madiou, Ask Madiou

Jack Zufelt

Ken Foster

John Assaraf

Tom Schreiter

Todd Falcone

Paula Pritchard

Daegen Smith

Matt Morris

John Dilemme

Art Jonak

Jackie Ulmer

Tim Altvater

Ask Doris Wood

Ask Team of 12

Susan Sly

Bryan Thayer

Ways to Generate Free Leads

Bonus Page

Add Several Options for Bonuses

Ways to Give > 3 Referrals

FCF Library

Add 2 Each Month

Teach How to Create Own FCF

Viral PDF Reports

Includes Their Link

LC Pages w/ Training

Review Existing 3

Turn Each Interview Into LC & Sales Page

Automated Marketing Messages

Trial Offer

$1 for 30 Days


$1 goes to charity, Orphans

$5 Option


5000 Members

750 Paying Acct Executives

15% Upsell to AE

What AE Gets, System for LIFE, $8 Residual for Unlimited Levels, PLR Products to Sell, ONLY as a OTO, Viral Reports w/ Their Link

Launch Date

Internal Launch 12/2011

External Launch Jan 13, 2012