pharmacy terminology

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pharmacy terminology by Mind Map: pharmacy terminology

1. pharmacy orientation

1.1. it means to be familiar with all aspects of pharmacy profession & education

2. pharmacy

2.1. It is a health profession that links the health sciences with the chemical sciences and aims to ensure the safe and effective use of pharmaceutical drugs

2.2. Is the science and technique of preparing and dispensing drugs and medicines

3. pharmacist

3.1. He is the one who is educated and licensed to dispense drugs and to provide drug information

4. drug

4.1. Is a material that has a Drug pharmacological effect

5. Active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)

5.1. A drug substance is the API or component that produces pharmacological activity

6. Inactive Ingredient

6.1. A material which has no therapeutic activity

7. excipient

7.1. Anything other than the drug substance in the dosage form

8. Drug Product

8.1. A dosage form containing one or more active ingredients along with other substances included during the manufacturing process

9. Dosage Forms

9.1. Refers to the gross physical form in which a drug is administered to or used by patient

10. medicine

10.1. When a drug is packed, labeled and dispensed

11. therapy

11.1. Treatment of a disease

12. Pharmacotherapeutics

12.1. Application of drugs for treatment of diseases

13. strength

13.1. Concentration of the drug in a dosage form (or its potency)

14. dose

14.1. Amount of drug which is taken each time. It should be safe and effective

15. Dose Regimen

15.1. It is the systematized dosage schedule or frequency of use of the drug

16. bioavailability

16.1. The rate and extent of absorption of the drug

17. quality

17.1. It is the intrinsic characters of the product which satisfy the user’s need

18. quality control

18.1. Physical or chemical test used to ensure the required specification of a raw material or a dosage form

19. Pharmacopoeia

19.1. An important reference is put by highly specialized persons in pharmacy and medicine to give specifications needed for

20. Stability of pharmaceutical product

20.1. The ability of the formulation, in a specific container closure system, to remain within, the defined specifications till the end of the stated dating, under defined storage conditions

21. Shelf Stability

21.1. The stability of the drug product at ambient room temperature (15-30 ͦ C)

22. Expiration Date

22.1. The date placed on the container label of a product through which the product is expected to remain within specifications

23. Shelf-life

23.1. The interval of time that a drug product is expected to remain within specifications as determined from stability studies on a limited number of batches of the product

24. storage

24.1. The term is used to describe safe keeping of starting materials, packaging materials and finished products in drug stores, pharmacies, hospitals…etc. under the specified conditions

25. Storage Conditions

25.1. The conditions specified for storing the product, e.g. temperature, humidity, container, and light

26. Storage Temperature

26.1. The actual storage temperature (numerical) used during stability studies