Famous People in History

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Famous People in History by Mind Map: Famous People in History

1. Albert Einstein found out about gravity. by Reuben

2. Bill Skarsgård for staring in interesting/quality movies-Max

3. Albert Einstein came up with the theory of relativity - Kate

4. Being Famous is when you have done something that's been viewed and congratulated. - Briese

5. Jimi Jackson is famous for his funny skits and videos he posts on YouTube. -Tearewa

6. Stan walker is famous from his amazing voice and dancing skills .cherish

7. Roald Dahl for his books-Ella

8. jeremy mcrath was very famos he won seven Supercross titles two additional 125 Western Region Supercross Championships, one 250 Outdoor Nationala feat no other racer in Supercross history has even come close to, tw -ezra

9. Stan lee who created marvel comics with jack Kirby-kingston

10. David walliams is famous for writing popular books - Cam

11. Jean Batten was the first woman to fly across the ocean solo. -Alexa

12. Buzz Aldrin was the second man to walk on the moon. -brodie

13. David Williams is famous for writing children books - Jody

14. James cook was the person who discovered the south island-izzy.

15. Sir Edmund hillary climbed mt Everest-Eve

16. Bode Miller famous skier first person to finish a course with one ski Andre

17. Famous people in history did something important. Thomas

18. Energy=Mass times the speed of light squared. E=mc2 - Jake

19. Sir Edmund Hillary is a famous New Zealander who climber Mt Everest. - Niko

20. lil peep was a singer everyone loved his songs because they were deep and about his life RIP PEEP -olly

21. Stephen King for writing cool books and movies. - Aaron

22. Winston Churchill was the britian prime minister during W.W.2. He led the allies to victory, and so we could have a free world today. -James

23. Wolfgang Mozart was a famous composer - Koharu

24. Johnny Danger died on a Harley through Dairy Flat. - Kelle