Memory and Imagination

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Memory and Imagination by Mind Map: Memory and Imagination

1. Memory

1.1. Forgetting

1.1.1. Selective Memory

1.1.2. Amnesia

1.1.3. Losing Experience

1.1.4. Dying

1.2. Perceptual Experience

1.2.1. Individual Body/Mind Muscle Memory Habit Individual Experience

1.2.2. Culture Collective Memory History Shared Experience Custom/Tradition Ritual/Routine

1.3. Pattern Recognition

1.3.1. Rhythm

1.3.2. Metaphor

1.4. Reconstructing the Past

1.5. Returning/Repeating/Reliving

1.6. Learning as Remembering

2. Imagination

2.1. Imagination as Creation

2.1.1. Dreams Wish Fulfillment (Freud) Fantasy

2.1.2. Creating Art Creating Metaphors Creating Harmony

2.1.3. Problem Solving Inventing New Technologies Changing Old Patterns

2.2. Imagining the Unknown

2.2.1. Imagining the Future Projecting Patterns from the Past Predicting and Planning Recognizing Choice Creating the Future in the Present

2.2.2. Imagining Explainations Asking Questions/Seeking Answers Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Creating Beliefs and Assumptions Interpreting Experience Creating Understanding Contextualizing Memories Creating Stories

3. Questions

3.1. Are memory and imagination the same thing?

3.1.1. Are they dependent on each other?

3.1.2. Does the belief that time is linear confuse our understanding of memory and imagination? Is time linear? If not, what is it? Is time something else in addition to being linear?

3.2. Are beliefs and assumptions the projection of the patterns of past experience onto the unknown?