Cycling in Glasgow

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Cycling in Glasgow by Mind Map: Cycling in Glasgow

1. This MindMap is an attempt to capture everything cycling in the Greater Glasgow (G postcode) area! Alt 0 expands everything and Alt 1 collapses everything. The map is hosted by Glasgow Eco Trust Enjoy!

1.1. has been set up as an online hub for all things cycling in Glasgow

2. Where can I find out more about cycling / campaign for better cycling?

2.1. Glasgow City Council

2.1.1. LES Road Safety Team Cycling Development Roads Dept

2.1.2. Active Travel Forum

2.1.3. Go Safe Glasgow Lord Provost's Road Safety Award (Primary Schools) School Travel Plans

2.1.4. Bike Life Glasgow

2.2. Infrastructure Developments

2.2.1. Recent/Completed South West City Way West City Way

2.2.2. Planned/Under Development Battlefield Junction City Deal Airport Access Avenues Byres Road Clyde Water Front Connecting Woodside East City Way Queen Margaret Drive Sighthill Cycling Village South City Way Yorkhill & Kelvingrove Cycling Village

2.3. Community organisaitons

2.3.1. South Seeds G42

2.3.2. Urban Roots G42

2.3.3. See Community Organisations under 'Where can I buy...'

2.4. National Agencies

2.4.1. Cycling Scotland Cycling Hub @CyclingScotland @CyclingScotland Cycle Friendly Awards Employer Community Campus Secondary School Primary School

2.4.2. Cycling UK Play Together On Pedals @PlayTogtherOnPedals @PlayOnPedals @WeAreCyclingUK @CyclingUK Scotland

2.4.3. Paths for All

2.4.4. Strathclyde Partnership for Transport

2.4.5. Sustrans Scotland

2.4.6. Transport Scotland

2.5. Online

2.5.1. Websites other

2.5.2. Social Media

2.6. Campaigns

2.6.1. Brake Road Safety

2.6.2. Cycling Embassy of Great Britain

2.6.3. Friends of South City Way Website @SCWFriends

2.6.4. Go Bike @GoBikeGlasgow @GoBikeGlasgow

2.6.5. Pedal On Parliament @POPScotland @PedalonParliament

2.6.6. Space 4 People Byres Road

2.6.7. Transform Scotland

2.6.8. Walk Cycle Vote @walkcyclevote @WalkCycleVote

2.6.9. Women's Cycle Forum Scotland

2.7. Trade Associations

2.7.1. Bicycle Association of Great Britain

2.7.2. Association of Cycle Traders UK The Cycling Experts

2.7.3. Bike Europe

2.8. Benefits of cycling / research

2.8.1. Sustrans Bike Life

2.8.2. Glasgow Centre for Population Health Active Travel what we've learnt so far

2.8.3. Unversity of Glasgow Association between active commuting (walking and cycling)

2.8.4. GoBike Evidence bank

3. Where can I cycle/learn to cycle?

3.1. Cycling Clubs

3.1.1. BMX Centurions BMX Western Titans BMX @GlasgowTitansBMX @WesternTitans

3.1.2. Road cycling CTC Glasgow Glasgow Clarion Glasgow Couriers Glasgow Gals Glasgow Gals Cycling Club @GlasgowGalsCC Glasgow Green Glasgow Ivy Glasgow Nightingales Glasgow Riderz (juniors) Glasgow Wheelers VC Glasgow South

3.1.3. Other Glasgow Bike Polo @GlasgowBikePolo @GlasgowBikePolo Glasgow Cyclones Cycle Speedway (Cathkin Park) G42 Glasgow Cycle Speedway

3.2. Facilities

3.2.1. Bellahouston Park Outdoor Cycle Track G52

3.2.2. Broadwood BMX G68

3.2.3. Cathkin Braes Mountain Bike trails G73

3.2.4. Cuningar Loop bike skills area G73

3.2.5. Glasgow Cycle Centre (Free Wheel North) G40

3.2.6. Glasgow BMX Centre G15

3.2.7. Pollok Park bike trails G41

3.2.8. Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome G40

3.2.9. Whitelees Windfarm G76

3.3. Routes / Journey Planning

3.3.1. Bike Map

3.3.2. Cycling Scotland Journey Planner


3.3.4. Cycle Streets

3.3.5. Let's Ride routes

3.3.6. Open Cycle Map

3.3.7. Ride with GPS

3.3.8. Smarter Travel Glasgow routes

3.3.9. SPT Liftshare

3.3.10. ScotRail

3.3.11. Glasgow Cycling Information Map

3.4. Learning to cycle / Led rides

3.4.1. Drumchapel Cycle Hub G15 @DrumchapelCycleHub @Drum_Cycle

3.4.2. Play Together On Pedals

3.4.3. Autism Cycling Support Group

3.4.4. Cycling Scotland Training

3.4.5. Let's Ride Glasgow

3.4.6. Castlemilk Youth Complex

3.4.7. Phoenix Centre Cycling Hub G34

3.4.8. Glasgow Life activity finder

3.4.9. Alexandra Park bike hub G31 @Alexandra Park Bike Hub

4. Where can I access services on or by bike?

4.1. Cycling couriers & deliverers

4.1.1. Eco Runners

4.1.2. ffwd bicycle couriers

4.1.3. Zedify

4.1.4. Uber Eats

4.1.5. Deliveroo

4.2. Glasgow Bike Tours

5. Random other cycling things

5.1. Bike Polo Glasgow

5.1.1. Glasgow Bike Polo

5.1.2. Glasgow Bike Polo (@GlasgowBikePolo) | Twitter

5.2. Glasgow Coffee Outdoors

5.2.1. Glasgow_Coffee_Outside (@glasgow_coffee_outside) • Instagram photos and videos

5.2.2. Glasgow Coffee Outside

6. Where can I find out about women and cycling?

6.1. Glasgow Gals Cycling club

6.1.1. Glasgow Gals Cycling Club

6.1.2. @GlasgowGalsCC

6.2. Glasgow Women's Library

6.2.1. Clydeside Women's Heritage Ride

6.3. Belles on Bikes

6.4. Breeze Network Scotland

7. Where can I buy/hire/repair/recycle cycles and cycle equipment?

7.1. Community organisaitons

7.1.1. Alexandra Park Bike Hub G31

7.1.2. Bike for Good G3 Haugh Road G3 Victoria Road Community Hub G42

7.1.3. CamGlen Bike Town G73

7.1.4. Common Wheel G20 Maryhill G20 Bridgeton G40

7.1.5. Free Wheel North G40 Glasgow Green Cycle Centre G40 White House Maryhill G20 @FreeWheelNorth @Freewheel_north

7.1.6. Glasgow Eco Trust G14 De'ils On Wheels G14 @DeilsOnWheels @DeilsOnWheels @GlasgowEcoTrust @GlasgowEcoTrust

7.1.7. Lambhill Stables G22 @LambhillStables @LambhillStables

7.1.8. Soul Riders Scotland G41

7.1.9. South West Community Cycles G43

7.1.10. St Paul's Youth Forum G33 On Bikes G33

7.1.11. Veloworld UK G46 @VeloworldUK

7.1.12. Wheel Fix It G15

7.1.13. Glasgow Community Cycling Network

7.2. Donate Your Bike Glasgow

7.3. Hire Bikes

7.3.1. NextBike Glasgow

7.3.2. CLOSED DOWN South West Community Cycles

7.4. Local independent shops

7.4.1. Bike Bunker G2

7.4.2. Bike Chain G14

7.4.3. Billy Bisland G1

7.4.4. Braw Bikes @BrawBikes @BrawBikes

7.4.5. Clarkston Cycle Centre G44

7.4.6. Corner Bikes G41

7.4.7. Cycle Form G81

7.4.8. Cyclelane G44 G75

7.4.9. Cycle Tech Glasgow (mobile)

7.4.10. Dales G4 @Dales-Cycles @DalesCycles

7.4.11. G64 Cycles @Gsixtyfourcycles @G64_cycles

7.4.12. Gear Bikes G12 @gearbikes @GearBikes

7.4.13. Glasgow Bike Hive G11

7.4.14. Kinetics G20

7.4.15. Love eBikes G11

7.4.16. Pedal Zone G74

7.4.17. Philip Lang Cycles G1

7.4.18. Substance BMX G3

7.4.19. Willy Bain G41

7.5. National shops

7.5.1. Argos

7.5.2. Alpine Bikes

7.5.3. Decathlon

7.5.4. Evans Cycles

7.5.5. Go Outdoors

7.5.6. Halfords

7.5.7. Cycle Republic

7.6. Bike maintenance training

7.6.1. VeloTech

7.6.2. CyTech

7.6.3. City and Guilds

7.6.4. SQA