Computer Security and Safety,Ethics and Privacy

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Computer Security and Safety,Ethics and Privacy by Mind Map: Computer Security and  Safety,Ethics and Privacy

1. ComputerSecurity Risk

1.1. Internet and Network Attack

1.1.1. Thread Computer Virus Worm Trojan Horse Rookit Backdoor Botnet Denial of Service Attack Spoofing

1.1.2. Prevention Firewall Intrusion Detection Software Honeypot

1.2. unauthorized access and use

1.2.1. Access control user password CAPTCHA biometric

1.2.2. Digital forensics Law enforcement Criminal Prosecutor Military Intelligence Insurance agencies Information Security Department

1.3. Hardware Thieft

1.3.1. Physical Access control

1.3.2. Alarm System

1.3.3. Cables to lock equipment

1.3.4. Real time location system

1.3.5. Password,possessed object ,biometric

1.4. Software theift

1.4.1. Steal software media

1.4.2. Intentionally erases programs

1.4.3. Illegally copies a program

1.4.4. Illegally register and/or activates a program

1.5. System Failure

1.5.1. Factor Aging Hardware Nature Disaster Electrical Power Problem Noise Under Voltage Over Voltage Errors in computer program

1.5.2. Protection Surge proctection Uninterruptable Power System Backup Full Backup Selective Backup

1.6. Information Theft

1.6.1. Encryption

1.6.2. Digital Signature

1.6.3. Security Techniques Digital Certificates Transport Layer Security VPN Secure HTTP

2. Health concerns of computer use

2.1. Repetitive Strain Injury(RSI)

2.2. Carpal tunnel syndrome(CTS)

2.3. Computer Vision syndrome(CVS)

2.4. Computer Addiction

3. Ethics and Socity

3.1. Green Computing

3.2. Information Privacy

3.3. Cookie

3.4. Spam

3.5. Phising

3.6. Pharming

3.7. Social Engineering

3.8. Employee monitoring

3.9. Content Filtering