Copy of Marbury v. Madison

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Copy of Marbury v. Madison by Mind Map: Copy of Marbury v. Madison

1. Chief Justice: John Marshall

2. The Majority opinion was written by John Marshall. It said that John Adams was required to deliver the commission, but they wouldn't require it. It also said that the case was not worthy of the Supreme Court.

3. John Adams appointed several Federalist Judges before he left the Presidency. James Madison, the Secretary of State, refused to give them their commission. William Marbury sued Madison in the Supreme Court.

4. Constitutional Significance: This case's constitutional importance is incredible. It made the Supreme Court the final interpreter of the constitution and limited the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

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5. Year: 1803

6. There was no dissenting opinion

7. Importance of Case: It established a precedent for matters worthy of the Supreme Court, and it established Judicial Review.

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7.2. Decided in 1803