Argumentative Essay Structure

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Argumentative Essay Structure by Mind Map: Argumentative Essay Structure

1. 4. Body paragraph 2

1.1. 2nd argument

1.1.1. Introduce your poing In addition, young drivers need transportation to allow them to get to their jobs.

1.1.2. Give your opinion

1.1.3. Provide evidence

1.1.4. Conclude

2. 7. References

3. 6. Conclusion

3.1. Restate your stand and the premises

3.1.1. In conclusion, in the case of driving, older does not necessarily make for wiser. Allowing the driving age to remain the same, will allow teenagers to receive the additional practice time that they need to become better drivers, will allow them drive to work and participate in extracurricular activities.

3.2. Give a call to action or a plea

3.2.1. When it comes time to vote, make sure that your choice is the educated one—don’t change the driving age!

4. 5. Body paragraph 3

4.1. Counter argument

4.1.1. Introduce the counterclaim Some people might argue if the driving age were increased to 18, drivers would be more mature and therefore would be better drivers. The problem with this argument is that age doesn’t necessarily equal maturity. Adults do plenty of stupid things at any age. Look for example, television shows that promote immature behavior in adults who dare each other to do stupid stunts to get a laugh.

4.1.2. provide evidence for the counterclaim

4.1.3. Refute the counterclaim

4.1.4. Give evidence for the counterclaim

4.1.5. Conclude

5. 3. Body paragraph 1

5.1. 1st argument

5.1.1. Introduce your point To begin, young drivers require experience to gain skills.

5.1.2. Explain your point

5.1.3. Evidence to support

5.1.4. Conclude

6. 1. Title

6.1. Should the Legal Driving Age Be Raised?

7. 2. Introductory paragraph

7.1. a. Hook

7.1.1. Question

7.1.2. Quote

7.1.3. Anecdote

7.1.4. Statistics

7.1.5. Catchy phrase Getting a Driver’s License is a rite of passage that each teenager dreams about.

7.2. b. Connecting information

7.2.1. 1. Some people believe that the age for getting one’s license should be increased. 2. It is said that more mature drivers will be more responsible. 3. This does not take into account the amount of experience a teenage driver will lack if getting their license is delayed.

7.3. c. Thesis statement

7.3.1. Implied

7.3.2. Stated The driving age should remain the same because young drivers need experience to gain skills, many young drivers work and need transportation to get to their jobs and many young drivers participate in extracurricular activities and need transportation.