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Streaming Media by Mind Map: Streaming Media

1. So, explore it together:P

2. Introduction

2.1. Get Streaming!

2.1.1. A quick way to deliver audio and video files!!!

2.2. Where can we meet this technique??

2.2.1. Entertainment: YouTube Clips: HKBU Graduation Ceremony 2010-2011 little bit more: Tiny Url???

2.2.2. Connection: Facebook

2.2.3. Academic: Remote Study

2.2.4. Business: Online Meeting

2.3. oops..We use Streaming without acknowledgement

3. Principle

3.1. Why invent this technique?

3.1.1. unrealistic to download the whole file to view

3.2. Solve it!

3.2.1. Constantly received by and presented to an end-user

3.3. Three Main Developing Companies

3.3.1. Microsoft Windows Media Technologies

3.3.2. Real Networks

3.3.3. Apple QuickTime

4. Impact to Society

4.1. Entertainment

4.2. Education

4.3. Working

4.4. Advertisng

4.5. Communication

4.5.1. Democratic Activities, twitter to celebrate

4.5.2. Spread the message, says, right to reports by jounalist "SHADOW" Speech by Mr. Tsang Wai Hung

5. Advantages

5.1. Immdiate View

5.1.1. Leave Comments/ Likes at once and enhance interaction

5.2. Do no occupy Hard Disk Space

5.2.1. Save up for other uses

5.2.2. Can easily back up online

5.3. Save Time